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12 Inch 09.09.15
for pressure traxx 013 we take things back to basics. two guys and four machines are the only ingredients for these old school bangers. on the a side we re very proud to welcome nail tolliday from the uk to the family. this legend is in the game for more than 20 years and has paid his dues for sure. -sentipede- (originally released on diy discs in 95) was produced on a roland tr 909, tb 303, sh 101 and one effect processor. it was live mixed and recorded in one take. no trickery and no bullshit! on the flip we have pressure traxx co-founder einzelkind cutting it with his 808 rhythm traxx 3. this is a recording of a 10 minute live jam with the roland tr 808. no arranging, no cheap effects, just one guy working this all-time classic drum machine live n direct!
Pressure Traxx
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