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12" Vinyl NL 09.11.17
maxi 12inch of danceable tracks by nsrd, best known as a latvian avant-garde, postmodern, experimental and underground music group active in the 80s
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12" Vinyl lp D 26.10.17
juris boiko (1954-2002) and hardijs ledinš (1955-2004) were the core members of the nsrd, which is best known as latvian avant-garde, postmodern, experimental and underground music group active in 1980s.
their activities were widely multidisciplinary and they can not be considered as purely musicians since none of them had a professional musical education. their creativity was manifested through variety of media – music, performance and action art, visual arts, poetry, samizdat, the introduction video art in latvia etc. nsrd also made a significant contribution to the explanation of the theoretical aspects of art in the interpretation of the postmodernist movement, and developed the independent concept of “approximate art”. at the end of the 80s, nsrd got connected and performed with several artists and musicians living in west germany, including indulis bilz&#275,,,,,ns, micky remann and maximilian lenz aka westbam and others.
the vinyl release includes a download code.
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22.99 EUR *

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