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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: mytron & ofofo
12" Vinyl D 04.09.20
big damon jee remix !!!
Feines Tier
in stock
11.38 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.11.18
groovy , afro infected , 12 inch incl picture sleeve
Multi Culti
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 22.08.18
four electrifying edits from london & paris based mytron & ofofo on the unstoppable razor-n-tape. beach buggy goes full throttle from the get go with a conga fuelled, disco jam before the clock strikes twelve and midnight drive offers up a low slung, late-night boogie cruise. on the flip side dreamy chords, soulful sweet nothings and synthesizer swells are the order of the day for elis coming, leaving capricorn to close out the ep with a bass heavy, intergalactic chugger. razor-n-tape can do no wrong, snap up on sight!
Last Copy!
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.01.18
after two fine first releases on bordello a parigi and multi culti, mytron & ofofo make their lyo debut with a five tracker full of diverse influences. combining vintage gear with modern production tools, the mysterious duo based in london and paris wonderfully connects the dots between disco-funk, afro-zouk infused grooves or melancholic spacey electro creating a fresh eclectic fusion. both organic and synthetic, futuristic with traditional roots, -topography- draws a line on exotic territories between cultural blends and backgrounds.
Les Yeux Orange
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.08.17
mytron & ofofo make multi culti great again with a full, fun, five-track ep. little is known about this freaky duo whose sound straddles opposing polarities, merging organics and synthetics, joining traditional textures with futuristic finish. these are sample-licious tracks that also feature original vocals and raw analog synths. they are noisy but clean, rough but smooth, soft and crunchy. on one hand, it s mad-cap multicultural disco funk as on si jambo (translated loosely as all good ) and 2tac onana, and on the other it s cybernetic weirdness and italo-inflected electro with non-binary joys on the venus holodeck and czary mary, which sounds like it could be the flip-side to sharivari. in between this binary divide is something for the mind, a brilliant piece of pop music that springs lightly into your brain with catchy bleeps, incredible vocoder, and a beat guaranteed to get the braindance party started.
Multi Culti
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.05.17
mytron & ofofo debut on bordello with an intoxicating blend of sleaze and synth, disco and depravity. airforce one smoulders. dripping in funk, samples and smooth keys are bolstered by burbling bass for a track that glides and slides in glazed steps
Bordello A Parigi
Last Copy!
10.23 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl FR 03.09.19
limited edition of 300 numbered copies on blue coloured vinyl.
La Belle Records
out of stock
25.33 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.07.19
having discovered electronic music at the end of the 90’s, thomass grew up going to raves where trance was one of the main styles played at this massive partys. the influence it had on him was planted deeply into his dna and this ep is the interpretation he has these days of the genre. he moved on to different pastures soon after but the style was already in him. thomass now takes the old fashioned elements he still likes and takes them to new directions. fueled by gated chords, dreamy arpeggios, trippy vocals and percussions this tracks are destined to take you back into the past and bring you right back to the present. forget what you learned. trance not trance.
Feines Tier
Last Copy!
11.20 EUR *
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