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12" Vinyl NL 25.01.19
dj sotofett deep in dub with 3 remixes for mystica tribe.
Solar Phenomena
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12" Vinyl NL 14.09.18
solar phenomena continues a high quality and high rate of releases after eps from the likes of stl and fluxion with a new one from mystica tribe - the musical alias of tokyo-based producer, taka noda. here he draws on everything from dub, soul, bass music, rhythm and blues and will always freak you out with his unusual sounds.
this excellently absorbing ep starts with “love is all right”, a fusion of asian percussion and reggae drums that is high tempo and funky. the bright steelpan sounds offset the razor sharp percussion and make for a sunny dub that will get any crowd going. the same fusion vibes continues but in more blissed out and slow motion fashion on “lawn track”, the beautiful cosmic psyche-out that is “ash” and supple space journey that is “voyage” with its intoxicating melodies and loose, tumbling percussion. this is unusual but essential music from an exclusive talent.
Solar Phenomena
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2x12" Vinyl, 140 g vinyl UK 24.03.17
mystica tribe is the musical alias of tokyo-based producer, taka noda. drawing on a wide range of influences from dub, soul, bass music, rhythm and blues mystica tribe has quickly been developing a very distinctive sound that exists in a weird, freaked out zone between dub and techno. noda is especially interested in deep, psychedelic music, and this is reflected in his productions, which are equally suited for late night listening sessions or bent, broken in dancefloors. his first track, meditation stick, was released in 2011 on dutch label sd records, backed by two remixes from label owners syncom data. this was followed by two more eps on sd records in 2013: stars are mine and flowers. artists like gilles peterson and 2562 have supported these well-received releases, and his track. his temple recently appeared on pangaea s fabric live 73 mix cd. in 2014, noda is launching his own label, mystica tribe records, through which he plans to continue developing his uniquely psychedelic take on dub and techno. his recent ep, lizard, was released on his label in 2014. jade eye ep was released on his label in 2016.
Silent Season Canada
in stock
22.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 12.09.14
tribal psychedelic meets roots dub style. 2014 urban tribal vibes!. mystic tribe follows up on his debut ep meditation stick ep on sd records which surpriced many and this is is brand new project on his own mystica tribe records hailing from tokyo delivering some deep, tribal and spiritual music that goes beyond age or space
Mystica Tribe Records
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12" Vinyl NL 13.05.13
second of two new bass-infected dub ep s with a hint of techno by the japanese mystica tribe. titletrack stars are mine and his temple immediately set off to deep dub and bass territories in these two typical mystica tribe excursions: grooving, but dark with lots of effects and tribal influences. prayer evolves around a catchy melodica that wont leave your head for days or maybe even weeks and zen stone tops it off perfectly with this gloomy scifi dubtrip.
SD Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 23.03.13
first of two new bassheavy techno-ish dub eps by mystica tribe. four tracks of excellent electronic dub with heavy techno and acid influences. although only his second release after his debut in 2011 with meditation stick the japanese mystica tribe already delivers a powerful trademark sound: loose, shuffling beats, layered with heavy basses, tribal percussion and trippy elements, like the dark acid tale on titletrack flowers and the classic melodica stabs on fractale and moon & stone. tokyo dub at its best.
SD Records
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.11
selected advent deal - smashing dub-meets-techno burner from tokyo. meditation stick by japanese mystica tribe is a deep and spacey dubtrack, layered with catchy melodica vibes and warped out effects. sd records label bosses syncom data got their hands on the track and made the syncom dub with the african toms at the core of a long and stripped down version. on the b-side is the syncom data remix: a true dub-with-techno dancefloor smasher. the hague style technobeats flowing with spacey melodicas and tripped out effects. one for dancing and spacing at the same time.
SD Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.09.15
proper destroyer, is what somebody said and its probably the best description youll hear for this new syncom data release. syncom data teams up with finnish/dutch vocalist saara soini for rumpukone. inspired by me and my rhythm box from the 1982 film liquid sky, saara soini delivers a powerful vocal performance on razorsharp beats and acidic textures by syncom data.
SD Records
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9.29 EUR *
2xcd D 27.04.17
seit jahrzehnten ungebrochen, hält sich der trend zum goasound nicht nur auf den partys im indischen bundesstaat sondern auch hier in europa. zu kaum einem anderen genre existiert eine bessere underground-partyszene, in zahlreichen netzwerken und foren stehen die fans in regem kontakt. neben kleineren veranstaltungen, die das ganze jahr über stattfinden, sind die großen sommer-festivals wie waldfrieden wonderland, vuuv, alice im wummerland oder psy-purgisnacht immer ausverkauft. goa sky vol.1 hypnotic spirits- verbreitet einfach positive schwingungen!
out of stock
16.95 EUR *
cd UK 03.02.14
pangaea steht als synonym für subsonische bassmusik. sein zusammen mit pearson sound und ben ufo betriebene dubstep-label hessle audio zählt zu den besten adressen des genres. entsprechend intensiv fällt seine arbeit für die fabric-mixserie aus, die gekonnt darken techno mit bassigen sounds verbindet.
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
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