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12" Vinyl D 06.11.18
second part of the still 1 measure ep by mihai popescu... monster bassline on the b side
Steppin Motion
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 24.05.18
mihai popescu kicks off a new label, steppin motion records, with two of his own brilliant tracks. the romanian artist has been a key part of the scene since 2012, releasing on labels like soulsity, rora and bass culture. he has a slick electronic sound that is here for all to here on these two new cuts.

steppin motion is a record label based in paris and managed by swoop. it aims to promote music as an art, as something beautiful that gets your body and soul in motion. this first ep is in two parts, showcasing both sides of the label: the first part is the most dance oriented, whereas the second part will be more soul / beauty oriented. the amazing artwork comes from vesod, who is an italian street-artist painter from turin.

selfsuficient is first and is ten minutes of slippery house music with lovely chords and melodies all making for a warm and infectious groove. it is colourful, loose and rhythmic stuff that oozes a futuristic sense of soul. neasteptat is deeper, with rubbery drums and woodpecker like sounds all weaving round each other to cast a spell on those who hear it.

these are two terrific tracks that connoisseurs of minimal house are going to lap up.
Steppin Motion
out of stock
11.79 EUR *
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