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12" Vinyl D 16.06.08
after the big success of montana express & thomas gold dont know 1.5 years ago, which reached lots of charts, theres now coming an excellent follow up called to my beat. tribal deep house beats, with electronic influences and vocal effects make the track full with energy. one more time thomas gold shows us which ingenious producer he is. the package includes the original mix, a dub version, and a remix by vision factory from berlin/germany. played by jca, david guetta, ...
Haiti Groove
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.10.06
behind the new release on haiti groove rec are the 2 well known german dj s / producer s toby montana and thomas gold. just to name a few highlights of the 29-years old toby montana, with releases on the label selected works, remix for steve angello and productions together with the german newcomer lützenkirchen. in addition to montana there is the second produce thomas gold, also well known under his pseudonym level k, releases on spain s number 1 house label >vendetta<, dj antoine s label >houseworks<, and remixes for international superstars like roger sanchez and ian carey made him to a big name in the music biz
Haiti Groove
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
3x cd UK 17.05.10
the sound of the white isle 2008! incl. eric prydz, axwell, mark knight, the shapeshifters and many more! 3 cd..
Hed Kandi
out of stock
5.99 EUR *
cd D 14.10.08
Haiti Groove
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23.99 EUR *

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