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12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
tabla celebrates its fifth birthday with a very special vinyl release. the anniversary compilation features four dubby house and minimal techno jewels produced by alexkid. monsieur georget. sascha dive. as well as labelfounder micha klang and markus homm. vinyl only.
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12" Vinyl D 10.07.18
tabla celebrates its fifth birthday with a very special vinyl release. the anniversary compilation features four dubby house and minimal techno jewels produced by alexkid. monsieur georget. sascha dive. as well as labelfounder micha klang and markus homm. vinyl only.
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12" Vinyl FR 06.02.18
yoyaku’s sublabel aku welcomes monsieur georget with three groovy cuts.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.05.17
julien sabre and konstress blind box label is branching out with a new sublabel entitled blind box basic. which seeks to explore a more minimalistic approach to the dance floor. in order to get things rolling. they re turning to chris carrier and his monsieur georget alias for three tracks of on-point. rolling house grooves. carrier s experience in handling heads down tracks is evident throughout. from the insistent surge of geogette to the hazy tones of balade sur le chemien de fer. while mais ou se cache donc le zebu heads straight to freaked out minimal territory.
Blind Box Series Basic
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12" Vinyl D 18.01.17
2017 repress. allô it is do easy again. boiling in a french kitchen. this time we brought together two french producer. monsieur georget aka chris carrier and the remix is served by seuil. the ep is a modern approach towards tribal rhythms in between subway adventures and shady backstreets. juste pour toi!
Do Easy Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 01.11.16
zeal....enthusiastic devotion to a cause. ideal. or goal. in our case devotion to deep. dubby. warm mirco grooves. the label s first release comes from monsieur georget which is an alternative alias for well-known french producer chris carrier. who many will recognise from his own label adult only records. along with releases on other labels including robsoul. one records. off recordings and silver network. the release also features a remix from stellar german artist dewalta. who along with a number of seminal releases on meander. is a regular collaborator with mike shannon and boasts releases on other labels including vakant. haunt and visionquest.
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12" Vinyl D 25.05.16
for its ninth installment fasten musique welcomes mysterious french artist monsieur georget from ultrastretch. do easy records and the 2 remixes are served by 2 talented producers. one is the new york based phenomenon kamran sadeghi is known for his work with son of rose and with soundwalk collective and anther is italian artist third_child is a new project aimed to mix sounds micro-house and house music. all tracks are a representation of the artists personal take on finely crafted grooves and sound designed elements. vinyl only release
Fasten Musique
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SHAPE LP 1 (2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp FR 04.03.16
Adult Only
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12" Vinyl UK 26.11.14
*bapteme de l air* keeps the pressure up throughout as it steadily rolls out its sharpened kick and thick. propulsive snare before reaching its rattling. mechanical apogee. *ready pour le tour* unfurls behind off-kilter clicks. tightly swung hats and sax stabs while astute dynamics build a rich and cavernous atmosphere. the disco tinged *plein les mirettes* sets a rousing warm-up tone from the off with a dense kick and clap pinning down flecks of crowd chatter and shimmering metallic signals before dana ruhs spectral revision of ready pour le tour casts a murky glow over the original. blooming until its close with thickening strings and addictive knocks and claps.
Just Jack Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 03.07.14
mysterious man that is monsieur georget… fresh off the back of an admirable ep on sammy dee s cult imprint ultrastretch. he returns with a freaky francais offering for adult only shape. minimalist in its nature yet meaty in its stature. the 3-track package features glitches. scratches and vocal murmurs. varying from the effortlessly sexy >en voiture simone< and highly-addictive >viens fifine<. to the driving tribal beat of > georget au piquet<. adult only shape is the new sub-label of chris carriers adult only. the prolific imprint that has been releasing the best in quality house since 2000. adult only shape brings a more techno-orientated flavour in vinyl-only format . with eps so far from funk e and marcman.
Adult Only Special
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.02.14
for its first release of 2014. sammy dees ultrastretch label has called upon monsieur georget. youre forgiven if the name is unfamiliar. his bio offers few clues—he likes his bicycle. vin rouge and analog hardware. the latter of which was apparent on his recent debut for le loup and seuils hold youth label. bold and auspicious. the ep may have left you wondering if it was something more than a first record. and as it turns out. monsieur georget is none other than chris carrier. the long-active french purveyor of hypnotically minimal house.luckily we werent left waiting for very long for more material from carriers new alias. his second release. le vicieu / colle de la bonette. shows that monsieur georget and monsieur dee share an affinity for pared down. wonderfully elastic club tracks. like carriers best work. the compositions themselves are minimalist. but their hardware-based sound pallet ensures theres plenty of meat on the bones. a-side le vicieu is a subtly melodic shuffler. where deep bass growls at the core of an expansive drum set and whispers suffuse the negative space with mystery. on the flipside. colle de la bonette takes the sound someplace stranger and more psychedelic. whatever weird place were whisked off to. though. its every bit as funky. with brittle drums undulating to the kicks deliciously irregular throb. >monsieur georget< might be a brand-new name. but we’re willing to wager you ll quickly get to know these rollers well.
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12" Vinyl FR 29.11.13
a 4-track package traversing house and techno. first up jour de fete. a reference to the black and white 1940s french comedy – perhaps a clue to mr georget… one things for sure this is toe-tapping house. taking its time to perfectly build up the progression towards smooth outbursts of wailing sirens. 6eme etape is another fine example of get-up-and-dance house. theres plenty of driving drum kick and jazzy key chords. nicely pulled back and interrupted. to drop back in again with a renewed energy. poil de renard on the other hand immediately marks out its territory among the german minimal and micro house space. strong. syncopated beats laced with chopped up whispers and unknown reverberations. this is tough! the 103 mix softens up the edges. a subtle underlying synth providing the mellowness – essentially your morning-after dub version.
Hold Youth
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12" Vinyl FR 10.04.18
fifth release of dailycid is shared by 4 different producers: mysterious data17. marvin gain. monsieur georget & lost.act.
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cd D 31.01.17
the long established and critically acclaimed dj-kicks series kicks off 2017 with suitably accomplished dj. producer. vocalist and instrumentalist matthew dear at the helm. a man of many musical hats. texas born. detroit raised dear has a wide reaching discography that takes in face melting techno as jabberjaw. dark avant-pop under his own name and intricate minimal as audion. often with a gothic slant and full of curiousness. his pensive but playful music is an intoxicating distillation of many different influences. often with his own stylised vocals at the centre
K7346CD (138362)
!K7 Records

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