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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: mono junk vs freestyle man
12" Vinyl D 15.05.17
finnish techno icon mono junk aka kim rapatti joins forces with berlin based freestyle man aka klas sasse lindblad, known for his productions on classic labels like sähkö and moodmusic. pata ep starts with the hard hitting techno title ‘not a love story’, haunting vocals, simple synthline, slicing percussion and deep bassdrum, all u need to make an effect, this must be heard in a big sound system. following with ‘need your lovin’ the ep takes a more electro approach, mesmerising love story with jupiter-8 bassline and 808 beats accompanied with vocals on this track too by mr rapatti. the ep ends with ‘stella polaris’, a production which started as a jam in 2007 in berlin at sasse’s blackhead studios and was finished 10 years later in 2017 in the same location. reminiscing of early 90s electronica time when everything was pure and gold and when these fellows also were starting their careers. ‘stella polaris’ leaves no one cold with emotional themes of analog synthesis and depth of the bass.
DUM Records
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