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12 Inch 04.06.21
heavyweight gatefold sleeve, collaboration of mollono.bass feat marc vogler / kombinat100
3000 Grad
in stock
19.29 EUR *
12 Inch 07.04.17
in unserer schnelllebigen zeit sind fünf jahre musikalischer zusammenarbeit ein immer selteneres geschenk und ein schöner anlass zu feiern. mollono.bass & ava asante begehen das jubiläum mit ihrem ersten album: birds flying high. während teil eins der doppel-lp bereits im sommer 16 viel freude in die festivalwelt getragen hat, gab ihnen die ruhe des winters genug zeit im studio, um ihre musikalischen ideen für teil zwei in form zu gießen. diesmal führt die reise entlang endloser strassen durch lebendige afrikanische dörfer hin zu geheimnisvollen orten einer traumlandschaft asiens - tracks zum entspannten dahingleiten und zum leidenschaftlichen tanzen.
3000 Grad 042
3000 Grad Records
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
12 Inch 20.05.16
summer, sunshine, feeling good - for their long desired debut album mollono.bass & ava asante take this great essence of life to compose a unique kind of electronic music. by combining the catchiness of their solid grooves with a touching violin and a breathtaking voice they create a magical journey that will make you feel like birds flying high. while some tracks are bursting with euphoria, others swing along with dubby easiness - and all of them will touch your soul deep inside.
3000 Grad 035
3000 Grad Records
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
cd 29.11.19
3000 Grad CD 17
3000 Grad
out of stock
11.46 EUR *
CD 28.04.17
in our fast moving times five years of sharing a musical path is a remarkable way and a good moment to celebrate. mollono.bass & ava asante celebrate with their first joint album: birds flying high. by combining the catchiness of their solid grooves with a touching violin and a breathtaking voice they create a magical journey a journey that takes you along endless roads from lively african villages to mystic asian dreams. while part one of their vinyl double brought pleasure to the festival world in summer 16 already, the silence of winter gave more of their precious time in the studio to melt all their musical feelings into the second vinyl - and spring finally combines new mixes of all tracks on the album cd. lay back and relax or move your feet in passion.
3000Grad CD 012
3000 Grad
out of stock
12.69 EUR *
12 Inch 17.10.11
boeker mühle ep ... endlich ... tolle ep aus dem norden
Acker Records
out of stock
6.30 EUR *
12 Inch 28.09.09
supported by stephan bodzin, kombinat100, mathias schaffhäuser, p.toile ..... again that laid-back, humorous and open-minded character of the people of mecklenburg glistens from the grooves of the available acker record. this time it is represented by the gentlemen schaeufler, who is an essential part of the local producer and dj scene since many years, and zovsky, who was musically socialized in trancy sceneries and shows a remarkable versatility. set di dol comes around on a powerful, pushing bass line, precisely placed percussions, minimal melody fragments and an exotic vocal sample make this track distinctly stimulating. after that the two dudes pick up the relaxed and cosy atmosphere of every day, which originally hails from the easy listening genre, and garnish it with reduced but very effective rhythms. on the flipside, the radio version puts this remix even more in a nutshell and finally acker mister mollono.bass presents his version of set di dol on the flipside: based on his typical, bouncing groove, he creates a frisky and somehow tropical atmosphere, using refreshing xylophone sounds and a proper portion of tribalistic percussions
Acker Records
out of stock
6.30 EUR *
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