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12" Vinyl US 30.11.18
killer wackies from 1978, originally released on the jumbo caribbean disco label run by brooklyns african record center shop. deep roots discomixes on both sides. essential and finally back out
DKR 210
Last Copy!
16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp US 28.03.17
clutchy and fatty....high desert crunch meets city life punch for this collaborative project in sound. instrumental elements of soul, jazz, hip-hop, rock and more resonate throughout the record. just what any clutchy hopkins or fat albert einstein fan would ask for, track after track of laced up loveliness. these two gents pair banging rhythms with lush melodies and top them off with their signiture low brow high fi sound. guaranteed for some straight nasty. acoustic and electric instrumentation set the tone and in their individual stlyes, clutchy and fatty navigate your journey through psych folk caverns of cactus dust and marine layer funk with bloodshot rust. it is distinctive, original and fresh, paying homage to the past, present and future. visionary folk funk.
Aural Tradition
out of stock
27.99 EUR *
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