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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: moddullar
12" NL 11.06.21
including kwartz remix.
Faut Section
out of stock
10.35 EUR *
12" NL 13.12.19
moddullar present their new innsignn label.
out of stock
9.54 EUR *
12" NL 26.07.19
moddullar and temudo with a split ep for clergy.
out of stock
10.13 EUR *
12" NL 02.02.18
the 38th instalment of the dynamic reflection vinyl series rest in the hands of the upcoming portuguese duo moddullar. their carefully crafted neurotransmitter ep serves as the excellent translation of the duos founding principle, to take their audience on an exciting journey towards perfection.
with its developed sound, the neurotransmitter ep presents its listeners with four powerful tracks, skilfully balancing between past and present. the ep is stylishly kicked-off by its title track neurotransmitter, offering driving percussion and hallowing synths that surely will get any dance floor up and going. an endeavour that is further complimented in the form of a mind boggling remix by one of the genre’s most influential producers, mike parker.
on the flipside the story continues with micro macro cosmos, a true mind trip, perfectly fit for the afterhours. after which the journey is ultimately concluded in fashion with abstract structure, a classic percussion driven techno stomper.
with the neurotransmitter ep, moddullar have delivered nothing short of a perfect debut, serving a prime cut of high quality techno that is sure to excite djs and their dancers alike.
Dynamic Reflection
out of stock
9.54 EUR *
coloured 12" NL Pre sale (09.07.2021)
tracks by kike pravda, takaaki itoh, moddullar, nørbak & conceptual on limited marbled vinyl.
Immaterial Archives
10.85 EUR *
HYS 001
12" NL 09.02.18
hayes is an electronic music platform dedicated to techno and experimental electronics. based on strong sonic exploitation, it embraces experimentation as a driving force for artistic production devoid of prejudice. the sound objects that come from it have their own imprint, an aesthetic that is marked by the position that it intends to assume. it assembles as an artistic collective, record label, agency and curator, promoting art as a fundamental element of enculturation and critical capacity.
out of stock
9.15 EUR *
2xcd 13.07.17
the offical sms xxi festival compilation! 2 cds! 2 mixes by sam paganini and marcus meinhardt! incl exclusive, previous and unreleased tracks
out of stock
15.59 EUR *
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