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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: moby vs nicole moudaber
12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
widely acclaimed techno pioneer nicole moudaber has delivered the release of her adoption ep, a two-track production on nicoles own mood label which sees the dynamic producer tackle two tracks from one of the most important innovators of dance music since the 90s, moby. first up she offers a uniquely dark and twisted rework of like a motherless child, pitching down moby s vocals to create a deep demonic sound,verging into a range of immersive textures. on the flip side moudaber spins a heavy and grinding feel on her remix of mobys mere anarchy (taken from 2018 album everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt). moudaber packs the mix with haunting melodies, with the subtle use of orchestral sounds adding a hypnotic feel to the event promoter, record label founder, radio host, and one of the most passionately followed dj/producers in the world,nicole moudaber is a one-woman army marching her muscular take on techno all over the globe.
Mood Records
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