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12" Vinyl US 14.02.20
previously available as a very limited tape release only, mndsgn’s 2012 lp “oblique kitchn” finally found its way to vinyl.
Mndsgn Limited
Last Copy!
23.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.11.19
the 2011 debut album from mndsgn - previously available on cassette and digital only - finally sees a proper vinyl release.
Mndsgn Limited
in stock
24.36 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 11.09.19
hip-hop mixtape & remixes from mndsgn.
Ringgo Records
out of stock
21.44 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 20.06.19
the new album from mndsgn - 14 tracks on pink coloured vinyl.
Stones Throw
Last Copy!
22.41 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.05.18
prophet ist ein funk-musiker aus dem underground der san francisco bay area. bis zu diesem jahr stand sein name lediglich auf einem obskuren album namens „right on time“, das 1984 als privatpressung bei treasure records erschien. peanut butter wolf, der gründer von stones throw, war sofort angetan. „es klang ein bisschen wie prince oder the time, aber dabei sehr lo-fi, wie in einer kammer aufgenommen“, jetzt kehrt prophet zurück. sein neues album „wanna be your man“ wurde von mndsgn produziert und klingt gleichzeitig nach retro-hit und zukunftsmusik. prophet wurde 2013 der tour-opener für snoop dogg & dam-funk.
Stones Throw
out of stock
20.46 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 27.12.16
back by popular demand, a rap vacation x-mas with mndsgn and ahwlee is now on vinyl for the first time, and just in time for the holidays. contains 3 new vinyl only bonus tracks by ahwlee. art direction by chris hund. being limited to 500 red and green tie dyed copies, these are sure to sell out fast. don’t sleep, and happy holidays!
Rap Vacation
Last Copy!
23.35 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp US 22.11.16
mndsgn, born ringgo ancheta, grew up in south new jersey raised with gospel music at church, b-boy culture, and his older sisters favourite artists like swv, tlc and mariah carey. experimenting with beatmaking in his teen years, he befriended fellow stones throw labelmate knxwledge and the two formed the influential klipmode collective along with devonwho and suzi analogue.
mndsgn’s music flourished when he moved to la, quickly catching the attention of stones throw, who released “yawn zen”, an lp of complex beat creations. mndsgn then toured the world, co-founded akashik records & tapes, and provided the beat for “sweeney song”, a high profile collab with underground superstar danny brown.
“body wash” is a full set of realised songs hinted at on “yawn zen”. influences here include the likes of early solar records material, leon sylvers iii, kashif, and dave grusin. mndsgn adds, “i was also digging back into some early 90’s r&b sounds and started really imagining what it would be like if i had mashed the two eras together.” this mashup works magically, a clean synthesis of anthems (“cosmic perspective”), romantic reflections (“ya own way” / “guess it’s all over”) and mndsgn’s r&b proclivities (“lather” / “vague//recalibrate”). “a soul record that plays with nostalgic elements in a positive way. think about it as a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with.”
the double vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Stones Throw
out of stock
27.28 EUR *
7" Vinyl FR 15.02.16
kirkis ist ein proto-punk/jazz-funk-künstler aus melbourne, der auch schon auf eglo records veröffentlichte und aus dem umfeld der hiatus kaiyote crew stammt. mndsgn ist ein umtriebier beattüftler, der zuletzt bei stones throw/leaving veröffentlichte. cold crush startete als remix von mndsgns kikhabits von seinem kultklassiker breatharian tape, der jedoch kaum noch als remix durchging. mndsgn setzt einen drauf und liefert nun im gegenzug einen remix eines gescheiterten remixes für die b-seite dieser limitierten 7 inch. das vinyl erscheint inklusive downloadcode.
Fresh Selects
in stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 14.12.15
fresh selects debut cassette release - now on vinyl for the first time! single black vinyl lp with full-color picture insert sleeve. the entire album has been remastered specifically for vinyl with new artwork as well. includes digital download card with bonus mndsgn dj mixes, alternate edits & more.
Fresh Selects
out of stock
22.37 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 28.01.15
heralding a debut full length for stones throw, ringgo achetta debuts a diffuse mix of spiritual jazz, ambient and syrupy beats as mndsgn on leaving records. *surface outtakes* clears his cache of outtakes, b-sides and unreleased ideas travelling dream distances between the motorik jazz roil of *a brand new couch* and the dusty breakbeat crack of *overwhelming gratitude* via sparkling g-funk in *eating starfruit* and the charming lounge downbeats of *goodbye wavs*. the vinyl lp includes a download code.
Leaving Records
in stock
19.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 04.09.14
yawn zen is la-based hip-hop producer ringgo anchetas debut album for stones throw. mndsgns psychedelic beats have already won him fans such as danny brown, who snapped him up to produce a track the lead track for his classic drug referencesrelease and bbc radio 1s benji b. dazed & confused described him as *one of the west coasts finest beat-smiths… each track is a patchwork of lush electronic samples blended together to create warm, sun-drenched little charmers.* on yawn zen, his debut for stones throw, mndsgn has carved himself an unusually calm-sounding place in the los angeles beat scene. the influence of labelmates madlib and j dilla on this on this collection of laid-back beats is never far off, but yawn zen has a psychedelic, jazzy flavour that equally recalls the likes of flying lotus, gonjasufi and samiyam. the vinyl lp includes a download code.
Stones Throw
out of stock
16.52 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK Pre sale
All City Dublin
22.41 EUR *
usb D 08.03.19
j dillaÕs protege guilty simpson first collaborated with madlibÕs protege med on the hard hitting Ôjungle loveÕ track off j dilla s Ôthe shiningÕ lp. they continued to reunite on several tracks after, and now offer us the child of the jungle lp. with beats by madlib, nottz, black milk, mndsgn, karriem riggins, apollo brown and more... the duo have no choice but to come correct with the lyrics, and they do. from cali to detroit, med and guilty simpson deliver a banging 12 track lp this year on bang ya head entertainment.
Nature Sounds
Mad prod. By Madlib
Visions ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow prod. By Nottz
The Hundreds ft. Kokane prod by 14KT
Dedicated prod by Sirplus
Pie ft. Joyce Wrice prod. By Mndsgn
Lock N Load prod by Karriem Riggins
Loyalty ft. Black Shakespeare & Big R
out of stock
54.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 12.06.17
fredfades is a norwegian producer specialising in the uncut raw hip hop. here’s his debut solo album, “warmth”. (vinyl includes download code) in 2013 he dropped a classic with ivan ave called breathe on kingunderground records. warmth is his debut solo album following a long line of singles, collaborative albums, cassettes and load of independently released projects. the album has 16 tracks made from jazz, soul and boogie samples with gritty drums and a dash of synth stabs, mixed by fred and mastered at strype audio in oslo by christian obermayer. the title track warmth is the last track on the album and was sampled from a live recording off one of fred’s favourite jazz records that is always on heavy rotation at the crib. guests at the table include med (stones throw), mndsgn (stones throw), ivan ave, (jakarta), moruf, koreatown oddity (stones throw), chester watson and more.
King Underground
in stock
21.44 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 19.07.16
this soundtrack is a story about a nomad that got a lil money, been playing the backseat all his life, traveling with just a guitar and a pack of smokes taking heavy inhales of lah on stressful times thinking about his past, but looking forward to the future he is on the road to return to greatness with new friends and family slowly claiming his space and gaining his swagger back only to end in tragedy? - sir froderick
Cascade Records
Last Copy!
25.33 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp + cd FR 20.04.16
nice price deal !!! limited edition rsd2016 release including cd.
Because Music
out of stock
14.60 EUR *
A N A K (LP)
12" Vinyl US 17.07.15
a n a k is the second full-length from los angeles-based underground, ambient beat producer chad valencia, aka yuk, a founding member of my hollow drum dj collective. valencia is also co-founder and head chef of rising filipino pop-up restaurant lasa. (see: new wave of gives filipino food a modern spin – la weekly.) after many years of keeping his passion for culinary arts separate from his personal musical output, a n a k represents a fusion of the two as cultural movements that share the same inspiration
Stones Throw
Last Copy!
18.51 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp + cd D 10.06.15
• 50th edition of dj-kicks / 20 year anniversary of the series
• white vinyl format 2lp gatefold + cd
• exclusive unreleased edits across the mix
!K7 Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.64)
out of stock
23.39 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 01.12.11
Record Breakin
Last Copy!
7.79 EUR *
cd D 19.11.18
we! love! dj koze!
K7325CD (112162)
K7 Records
in stock
13.64 EUR *
cd D 10.06.15
key points
• 50th edition of dj-kicks / 20 year anniversary of the series • exclusive unreleased edits across the mix
• 50th campaign including tour dates to run across the summer season
K7325CD (112162)
K7 Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 23.39)
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
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