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12" Vinyl D 29.10.09
get ready! bulgarian youngster mitaka will lead you through a landscape of pushing minimal techno with maximum danceability. a, mitaka_fear , it is part of the nature of mankind to be afraid, especially when something unexpected is about to arrive. strict structures, harsh basslines yet a still gentle groove make this track so special. a variation of flavoures you might have tasted before. sweet and sour, like a piece of juicy lime, it fills you with desire and dense but enjoyable fear. b, mitaka_look back , imagine the climax of an ancient black and white horror movie. if that feeling could turn into a techno track, it would be look back : full of tension, full of beauty, full of excitement and totally intense.
Der Hut
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6.99 EUR *
2xcd D 10.04.14
jonas wahrlich feiert gleich 2x geburtstag!cd 1 mixed - cd2 unmixed
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