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2x12" Vinyl D 27.04.09
he making of this record inadvertently began in cuba in january 2008. powershovelaudio was recording in la havana some of the best contemporary cuban singers and musicians. the resulting recordings were of an inspiring beauty. the situation was that powershovelaudio had this outstanding collection of voices, woods and brass, all infused by the tropical warmth. it was first-class material that should be put in the best hands possible, then maayan came to mind. ônight longö is a synthetic work. maayan has inexplicably, quickly and with incredible precision captured the essence and the expressivity of the cuban musicians and taken it to a hitherto unknown place. maayan is of course well-known for her diligent talent in inserting voices of quality in her mixes, but in this occasion the result is more than surprising. instead of concentrating in her signature minimal beats, maayan has experimented with different cadences, depths and moods, leaving behind her swirl a disconcerting record of inspired beauty. this art in this record is graced with photography by one of the best and most influential photographers in the world: moriyama daido. maayan asked moriyama san for permission to use the cover image, a request which moriyama san, after listening to the record, gladly accepted
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12" Vinyl D 19.02.09
amazing deep spacin tech track from this young israeli producer duo - including a massive miss fitz remix support comes from guy gerber / shlomi aber / gel abril / ben klock / someone else...
Kammer Musik
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12" Vinyl D 18.08.08
die umtriebige miss fitz entwickelt immer mehr ihre eigene handschrift. auf >we got time< wird minimal mit blues angereichert und auf die floors fernab von new orleans losgelassen. alle housefrounde können sich auf den sacha dive remix freuen
Raum Musik 066
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12" Vinyl D 22.10.07
reduzierte tracks von miss fitz, die im ricardo villalobos mix noch den einen oder anderen melodiefetzen untergeschoben bekommen
Raum Musik
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 28.09.07
finest techhouse groover by miss fitz with support from ali schwarz, loco dice, troy pierce, alvaro cabana, dj sebbo, mogi, andrew grant, benno blome, shaun reeves, danton eeprom, dave ellesmere, jerome pacman, camea, davide squillace & butane
Freak N Chic
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12" Vinyl D 20.08.07
here is the opening of a new circus company various artist ep serie. the island of lost children vol.1 present the debut on cic from three confirmed artists. miss fitz bring a wonderfull warm sexy house flavored track. thats the one to make you smile.. peter grummichs (spectral, shitkatapult) > beep beep< is the power of a pick timetrack. the track youll love to drop after the take off.. on b side, enjoy >dump tackle< from amsterdam based lauhaus & labeij (aka polder) who usualy release ultra delicious ep on intacto records. miss fitz, peter grummich, lauhaus & labeij are on the island of lost children and it seems that they are not alone.. watch out for vol.2 !
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl FR 15.06.07
new hot rollin minimal tech trax by miss fietz !! incl ryan crosson remix (trapez, telegraph)
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12" Vinyl FR 07.02.07
kalimari continues on bringing a variation of colors to the centre of the dancefloor making another must have record for the house and techno lovers gespraech a is already played by ricardo villalobos
Kalimari 04
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.11.06
maayan nidam aka miss fitz und der detroiter shaun reeves trafen sich in berlin und das resultat sind drei warme, druckvolle minimale 303er infizierte tech tracks !!
Raum Musik
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12" Vinyl US 05.09.06
finest crispy minimal tunes incl pheek & mossa rmxs !!
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cd D 06.05.09
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cd UK 27.04.16
die neue fabric-cd kommt vom briten alan fitzpatrick, einem der derzeitigen protagonisten des techno und aushängeschild des schwedischen kultlabels drumcode. sein von anfang bis ende durchdachtes mixset zeugt von zeitloser qualität. mit verantwortlich dafür sind neben vielen namhaften vertretern des zeitgenössischen techno auch exklusive edits (mark broom, boxia) sowie bislang noch ungehörte tracks/remixes von fitzpatrick selbst (where haus?, drewxhill bullets remix).
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4x12" Vinyl UK 27.07.18
from playing acid house at the legendary haçienda to residencies at a number of the world’s super clubs and a grammy nomination, sasha s career trajectory is pretty much unparalleled. his contribution to electronic music in the 90s is synonymous with the rise of progressive house. as a producer, his vast discography includes a number of studio albums, remixes for madonna and the chemical brothers and soundtracks for computer games, whilst a long list of acclaimed mixes are heralded by many as some of the greatest of all time. as well as his work as a highly visible public figure, he has an extensive history of mentoring other artists behind the scenes, running his own management agency and a studio in new york whilst introducing a wealth of acclaimed artists via his last night on earth imprint. here, across 4 plates of vinyl, all but 4 of the 20 tracks on sasha s fabric 99 mix are available in their full-length glory. featuring his own exclusive track smoke monk (fabric mix), his moog-apella edit of george fitzgerald s echo forgets, and his fabric1999 remix of baile - amae feat. felicia douglass.

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.16
adam beyers drumcode juggernaut attracts more fans and critical plaudits with each passing year. holding firm on its future facing ethos, techno s number one label presents a new volume in its acclaimed a-sides series with 20 prime tracks to signify its 20th anniversary. such is the volume of quality music adam beyer receives throughout the course of the year, releasing all of it would be impossible. enter the blue chip a-sides series: a chance for the quality-obsessive label head to issue a collection of outstanding tracks that couldn t fit in their regular ep release schedule. with an eye on future talent, as much as the label s established roster of heavy-hitters, the compilation showcases the full breadth of drumcode s multifaceted techno sound, equal parts inspiring and functional. the compilation takes in exciting highlights from big guns such as alan fitzpatrick, dustin zahn, bart skils, pleasurekraft, luca agnelli, jay lumen, kaiserdisco and gary beck. also showcasing emerging techno talent boxia, enrico sangiuliano, juan sanchez, ian o donovan and timmo also drop fire, establishing their credentials as some of the most promising talent breaking through the ranks in 2016.
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12" Vinyl D 11.01.10
the waiting is finally over! after all the ups and downs of the past year, we can happily report that joshua eustis now firmly intends to continue telefon tel aviv as a solo project. in order to mark his decision with a bang, thewonderful title track >immolate yourself< is being released as the second single from the current lp. the song has been entrusted to highly acclaimed and diverse remix artists who have skilfully stripped down the epic album track to more club-friendly formats.
the a side is delivered by label-mate thomas muller, whose finely detailed techno soundscapes can now be enjoyed on five bpc 12 inch releases. his >immolate< remix takes a much more direct approach. he reduces the lush arrangement of the original to a powerful basic framework, leaves out the vocals almost entirely, and creates a surprise when the track crumbles into sonic chaos towards the end.
miss fitz aka maayan nidam has had singles released on labels including raum musik and freak n chic, and these have been remixed by renowned artists such as ricardo villalobos. her version of >immolate< also makes a clear break from the album track and serves up her very own brand of abstract, dancefloor-friendly house. once again, all the opulence of the original is thrown overboard, a dry beat is placed at the centre of the arrangement and enriched with sinuous vocals.
ben klock needs no further introduction - he is the epitome of the bleak, hard minimal sound. his album >one< is currently available on ostgut ton, and as a remixer he has earned the highest acclaim for his version of depeche modes >peace<. bens >jack mix< is fittingly titled and lives up to all the expectations of the name. the track is stripped back to a resounding, hammer-like beat framework - minimised for maximum effect.
bpitch legend sascha funke delivers a surprise with another astoundingly reduced remix, at least by his standards. he turns away from the melodic richness of his current album >mango< in favour of repetitive fragments and an extended arc of tension which will surely make his >immolate< remix a massive after-hour hit.
Bpitch Control
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12" Vinyl D 08.06.09
over the last year a new generation of young and ambitious house producers from frankfurt to mannheim have caused quite a stir. vera heindel is part of the scene in the rhine main area, which is the new centre for innovative and modern house and techno tracks, and peoples house, her first release on cargo edition at the end of 2008 received huge attention from critics and fans alike. this time around vera dishes up four top-notch house tracks for us which demonstrate her unique way of producing - using reduction and funk, the two constants of her music. jump the hump concentrates on two things: a devastastingly simple bassline and a vocal sample which gives the track a lightness and an understatement which you seldomly find in house tracks. miss fitz, veras project partner in mara trax, heads more to the dancefloor with her remix, but without giving up the special character of veras style. the b-side continues to drive with a high dose of funk. a clear organ chord gives ling both playful and elegant moments and with the vocal sample and the easy-going beats it becomes a typical vera- track. the final track on the ep hallimasch is espescially catchy with its melodic and complex style, triggering positive feelings all around
Cargo Edition
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12" Vinyl FR 25.03.09
already played by d julz, dyed soundorom, miss fitz, ryan crosson, seth troxler, shaun reeves, seuil...
Safari Electronique
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12" Vinyl UK 15.10.08
tracks / mixes by misstress barbara, shmuel flash, moonface, paolo mojo, alan fitzpatrick,…
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8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.10.07
andomat 3000 & jan, miss fitz & shaun reeves, césar merveille, chevel. of course this new sampler on safari electronique present all new micro house scene. andomat 3000 which ever done two good releases on cadenza.their track is similar to cadenza vibes. groovy percussive tune.ever played by all people.another by miss fitz & shaun reeves. prolific & soon revisited by ricardo villalobos . cesar & chevel clap the end of this superb release
Safari Electronique
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cd UK 20.06.18
nach bescheidenen, ersten acid-house-sets in der legendären hacienda bis zu dj-residenzen in weltberühmten superclubs, nach einer umfangreichen diskografie mit studioalben, mixsamplern und remixes (darunter für madonna und the chemical brothers), nach grammy-nominierung, eigenem studio in new york und eigenem label (last night on earth), krönt der britische dj/produzent sasha seine karriere nun (vorläufig) mit einer fabric-ausgabe. mit klassikern von carl craig, mathew johnson und exercise one und jüngeren juwelen von dj koze, dj hell und objekt beweist sasha einmal mehr seine fähigkeiten, broken beats und ambient-trips komfortabel neben dub-techno und euphorischem house zu platzieren.

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Vinyl (EUR 31.99)
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cd UK 01.11.16
der londoner dubstep-pionier und hotflush-labelbetreiber scuba aka paul rose beweist seine einzigartigkeit mit einem 75-minütigen fabric-set aus 42(!) über- und nacheinander gelegten tracks. unterschiedliche künstler wie pearson sound und patrick cowley, donato dozzy und midland treffen in einer düster-verführerischen atmosphäre aufeinander, so dass man sich zwischen pumpendem lo-fi techno und subsonischen bässen im rave-kosmos verliert.
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2cd D 04.07.11
viele der antiken heldenfiguren waren zugleich halbgötter oder zumindest gegenstand religiöser verehrung. wie war das noch gleich: god is a dj? spaß beiseite. die zwölfte ibiza-season des cocoon-teams um sven väth hat sich als motto >cocoon heroes< gesetzt. cocoon recordings sorgt deshalb mit der mittlerweile fünften summer-mix-ausgabe für die offizielle einstimmung in diese mega-event-reihe. eines der absoluten highlights in dieser saison ist der auftritt von adam beyer am 25. juli. der stockholmer drumcode-labelboss gehört seit über fünfzehn jahren zusammen mit richie hawtin, jeff mills und sven väth zu den wichtigsten taktgebern der elektronischen tanzmusik. als produzent oft ein garant für stringenten und harten techno, beweist beyer seine vielschichtigkeit mit einem energetischen parforceritt zwischen hypnotisch perkussivem techhouse, dub und acid und überrascht nicht zuletzt mit einer ausgeprägten neigung zu sinn stiftenden vocal-samples. schon bei der opening party im amnesia dabei ist der frankfurter dorian paic, als mit-inhaber der plattenladeninstitution freebase und als label-chef von raum...musik. seit vielen jahren untrennbar mit der rhein-main-szene verbunden. wer dorian paic als dj bereits erleben durfte, weiß um seine beispiellose begabung, mit geschmackssicher reduzierten und dennoch unverwechselbaren techhouse-juwelen eine ganz eigene geschichte zu erzählen.
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2x cd D 13.08.09
cecille records and sonido have now released >from frankfurt to mannheim< a compilation paying tribute to the sound of the ffm/ma connection. incl. nick curly, johnn d, markus fix and many more
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cd D 22.10.08
die zeit fader alltagskost is vorbei, denn peter cornley aka karotte serviert dem hungrigen puplikum mit seiner compilation >karottes kitchen vol. 3< nicht weniger als 13 satte tracks.seine philosophie ist nach wie vor dieselbe:man nehme die auswahl erlesener schwarzer scheiben und vermengt sie mit hilfe eines mixers und zwei plattenspielern zu einem völlig neuem sinnesfest.pure hausmannskost,minimal, deep und gewürzt mit einem hauch treibender ibiza gooves.
Alphabet City
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