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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: miguel migs & shades of gray
12" Vinyl UK 08.05.13
in mood swings ep, miguel migs and shades of gray have come together to deliver a fine deep house affair drenched in rich textures, subtle undertones and moody melodies. aspects of both classic and modern deep house intertwine expertly on these four tracks, creating edge and dynamism that is dance-floor ready.
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2x cd UK 12.03.12
esteemed us music producer, dj miguel migs, has joined forces with opulent resort nikki beach miami to bring us a two-disc mix showcasing some of the various styles within house music… featuring a diverse range of tracks and remixes from the likes of shades of gray, 6th borough project, loaded dice, solomun, chez damier, larse and many more are included in this essential miami soundtrack.nikki beach miami is the hidden jewel of south beach, renowned as the quintessential nightclub, venue and party playground for jet setters and discerning clubbers. yet in addition to the obvious focus on world-class accommodation, equal attention is paid to the resorts music policy, which revolves around forward-thinking house music.
Nikki Beach
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