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12" Vinyl NL 08.06.18
the modeight label catalog contains the works of such artists as silat beksi. rqz. durrred. dragutesku. olivian nour. university of nowhere. svet. these records are not collecting dust on the shelves of private collectors - instead. they are actively played by djs. with support from the leading romanian artists. the labelís tracks were broken in on the dancefloors of the sunwaves festival. the fifth release of the label is brought to you by amin ravelle and virkut. who joined forces under the name methylat. these highly effective groovy and minimalistic tracks are available only on vinyl.
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11.19 EUR *
cd UK 08.12.11
we have the pleasure to present one of the most awaited album this year!ladies and gentelmen - switch technique - altered. after more than a decade with handfuls of releases and hundreds of hours spent on perfecting his standout sound there has come a time for his fascination of hardcore to take him to a whole new level of music production. switch technique has created a new unique and completely fresh production standard defined by combination hardcore and drumandbass. simultaneously. hes pushing his ideas of regular drumandbass which he loves to interpret and translate into hard oriented techstep and darkstep.
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15.99 EUR *
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