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12" Vinyl UK 23.05.18
2017 saw cesar merveille & ryan crosson deliver their second long player in the shape of cerulean, drawing on their modern classical, jazz, ambient and abstract influences to create yet another unique listen featuring collaborations with a classical pianist, trumpet, guitar and double bass players. here we see those original parts eschewed into something entirely fresh from friends and close associates of the duo. leading on the release is cadenza boss lucianos sous le sol interpretation of arp, which twists and turns through the hypnotic chimes and emotive piano chords of the original whilst stirring in luciens signature modulating and intricately evolving rhythmic style. following is a collaborative rework from new yorks phil moffa and seth troxler which employs ethereal synth drones and stuttering vocal cuts alongside a bumpy percussive drive and pulsating subs. perlons bruno pronsato steps up next to remix even tides, delivering his typically raw and emotive style via glitched out, mind-bending percussion, elongated bass drones and cleverly reshaped cuts of the originals cinematic elements. clovis then closes the package with his remix of nordic bummers, employing shuffled hats, lumpy subs and crunchy claps at its core whilst horn swells and aiy atmospherics ebb and flow throughout.
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 21.11.17
merveille & crosson return to visionquest this october with their second long player, entitled cerulean and featuring nine original compositions from the duo. 2012 saw the release of cesar merveille & ryan crossons critically acclaimed inaugural long player drm, seeing the pair veer their output into abstract realms and embrace a more eclectic left on centre production style. here five years later the pair return with their second album cerulean, again tipping the focus over to a modern classical, jazz, ambient and abstract aesthetic, featuring collaborations with juliard trained classical pianist julien quinten, no regular play’s greg paulus on trumpet, wareika’s henrik raabe on guitar, yonathan levi on double bass, moritz baumgartner adding additional drum work and berlins signum saxophone quartet. across the ‘cerulean’ project merveille, crosson and all involved offer up an amalgamation of sounds and styles from the freeform jazz odyssey styles of even tides and nordic bummers to the ethereal ambience of intro (almost raw) and mcyh whilst subtly nodding towards their minimal roots with acid pal and qaudra. the pair also radiantly display their love for the new age modular synth style with arp and life in the 80s with intricately programmed, dynamic melodies throughout, all in all resulting in a truly unique and forward thinking project from an array of talents.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.06.17
long time friends cesar merveille and ryan crosson return to visionquest to reignite their ‘merveille & crosson’ project in late may with three fresh, intricately programmed cuts. visionquest boss ryan crosson and parisian cesar merveille need no introductions, with the duo’s back catalogues featuring material on the likes of revered imprints cadenza, desolat, little helpers and mdrnty. 2011 welcomed the introduction of their ‘merveille & crosson’ project, with their debut album ‘drm’ on visionquest gaining plaudits from industry heavyweights including ricardo villalobos, and after a five years absence here we see the duo return once again to deliver ‘dream state’, a three track ep that oozes quality from the off. the a side is home to title cut ‘dream state’, a production that tumbles and twists smoothly around meandering synths, crisp percussion shots and a bumping low ends, typical of the duos free flowing and evolving production styles. on the flip, ‘guns’ sets to work through pitched down vocal loops, sweeping sonics and rich textures all reinforced by a driving bassline that carries plenty of groove, before ‘time contraints’ slowly unveils itself with a series of off-kilter gliches and pops, delicate pads and sophisticated sound arrangement, concluding yet another fluent and immersive offering from merveille & crosson, and an excellent addition to the visionquest catalogue.
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12" Vinyl UK 18.09.12
the musical impresarios over at visionquest hq have dropped a little taster of whats to come on merveille & crosson s forthcoming album, with a vinyl-only sampler entitled drm pt 2. this follow up to last years rapturous drm pt 1, further extendsthe duo’s experiments into twisted dance floor jazz and lush ambient soundscapes.
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12" Vinyl UK 22.11.11
the ever inventive and constantly challenging vq imprint once again expand their sonic spectrum by releasing a superb ep of enchanting, harmonic dance music from the other side of the dancefloor. never one to be pigeon holed for one particular sound the latest vq release by merveille & crosson pushes the envelope further as they produce a sublime three track e.p. of beautiful, innovative electronica, but still with one eye on the dancefloor
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cd UK 22.11.12
following last years ground breaking drm (pt.1 single visionquests ryan crosson and cadenzas cesar merveille team up to create a full length album that is the ground breaking heavily praised labels first album release. drm is a sonic delight threading the divide between cutting edge dance music and lushly experimental electronica, invoking along the way the history of musical minimalism from the avant-garde composers of the 60s to the downtown new york of the 80s.
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the formidable team of visionquest related artists lee curtiss, ryan crosson and cesar merveille debut their new sweatshop boys project for matt tolfreys leftroom imprint this june with wide world feat jem cooke, backed with remixes from mosca and tolfrey himself.
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2xcd D 03.07.13
the vagabundos return to kick start the ibiza season in real underground style. cadenza selects the cream of their crop to represent the second mix compilation this year, with cesar merveille and mirko loko going head to head on this real connoisseurs collection. merveilles mix begins with a real nugget from label boss luciano, and his remix of tim wrights thirst, ploughing right into a deep and distinctly underground house sound, with raw productions from the likes of daze maxim, rob mellos remix of losoul, and roustam
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cd D 23.09.13
the soul behind our new watergate-compilation belongs to a dedicated dj and house-enthusiast: mathias kaden attends to number 14 of our popular mix-series and gives proof not only of his technical finesse but also of his ability to combine contemporary releases with evergreen classics.
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2x cd UK 16.05.12
hed kande pres. serve chilled! electronic summer - a selection of electronic blissed out beats for hazy,lazy listening!2 cds starring julio bashmore, ben westbeech,bonobo, kraak & smaak,pete gooding,joakim and more
Hed Kandi
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