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12" Vinyl D Pre sale
the latest release on francis harris scissor & thread is another exercise in subtlety and restraint. brought to us by the emerging talents of nadia khan. with little known about the artist. this release lets the sublime music do the talking. title track ‘in gleam is a beautifully evocative drift into ambient textures - rising pads and occasion bass tones combine to set an exquisite scene. ‘local visit is a collaboration with label boss francis harris. and features some of the trademark submerged rhythm and textures the label has become known for. unfolding its deep structures over the course of the track. ‘restless sees label regular alex albrecht aka melquíades (whose previous ep on s&t was received warmly) provide the last bells remix - again muted tones and rhythmic complexity glide under ethereal piano fragments and slowly evolving pad washes. ‘sorting through finds its groove early. a deadened kick unfolds into an urgent percussion creating a thick atmosphere of melancholia. ‘sunburnt rounds out the physical release - ending how it started - with dreamy. smudged tones. and warm pads.
Scissor And Thread
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.06.18
b stock - cover with a crack on one side
Scissor And Thread
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.06.18
albrecht la brooy s analogue attic imprint returns this may with a solo project from one half of the duo. alex albrecht. under his newly formed melquiades guise... the past few years have seen albrecht la brooy steadily hone their unique spin on house & techno via self-released gems & acclaimed projects on night tide. voyage records and butter sessions. culminating with the release of their debut long player tidal river on apollo/r&s earlier this year . this solo material from alex s new alias (soon to be debuted on scissor & thread) takes a more dancefloor orientated approach. the material recorded live. retaining an improvised feel and managing to capture the surreal and mysterious atmosphere of the australian bush. combining atmospheric field recordings. jazz tinged double bass-licks and bright piano elements. all woven together with the label s trademark intricately programmed rhythms. the bluff ep is an engaging. mesmerising and addictive addition to the label s already well-loved output...
Analogue Attic
out of stock
11.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.04.18
the latest release on francis harris scissor & thread label out of brooklyn is another exercise in deep and meditative atmospheres. the label. comprised of a tight knit collective of multi-faceted composers. vocalists and instrumentalists. always strives to develop new projects based on a shared aesthetic. and this five track ep is both boundary pushing and fully synchronized with the labels approach. with melquiades blue caves melbourne based composer and sound designer alexander albrecht presents his solo debut ep following on from the tidal river album he released as part of the albrecht la’brooy duo. the title track blue caves is a skittering. weightless exploration of space. seemingly built around lush field recordings and fragments of melody developing out of the ether. avlemonas flows from a similar source. but crystallizes around an off kilter rhythm and occasional subby bass. balanced against swooping pads and piano motifs. morning breeze seems to revel in the evocative nature of its title. with hand played percussion backing more wistful. emotive piano sketches and wandering bass notes. before the track settles into a hypnotic groove. label head francis harris provides another take on the track for his re-form version. a more dancefloor aimed excursion that draws deeply from the classic deep house of the new york and detroit masters. ending the relases is patio. which drifts back towards the ambient territories of the opening tracks. with exquisite. understated instrumentation and a melancholic yet elated vibe.
Scissor And Thread
in stock
8.99 EUR *

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