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12" Vinyl lp UK 07.06.18
“fundus uterus, in latin is a terminology used in anatomy. with this work i wanted to describe the violent feeling of severance from the mother’s placenta, the exhaustion from the brutality of being, the wounds of love. at the same time, it is an hymn to the womb of the universe, to the nostalgia of returning there, to the redemption of barbarity, to the memories of a unique planet called zrsha, an existential revelation on the parallel worlds, that is to say, that you are sitting here, while multiple versions of you could exist in the same room. some lyrics are in the language of zarshian. the whole album clearly presents an emotional testimony that has deep references to the work of my beloved writer virginia woolf. this is the core of creating my new album.” - melentini
United We Fly
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