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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: maurice aymard & j.e.e.p
12" Vinyl ES 02.05.16
barcelona based producer maurice aymard joins parisian artist j.e.e.p to deliver their ‘mellocoton’ ep in may via seven villas. featuring three original cuts and remixes from manoo and closed paradise. having garnered support from industry heavyweights including laurent garnier and ricardo villalobos over the years. maurice aymard has certainly established a notable presence within electronic music. here we see maurice pair up with j.e.e.p. a name known to many from following his involvement in projects including ‘the hints’ with quarion and ‘the egyptian nipples’ alongside massimiliano pagliara. whilst his back catalogue boasts releases on labels such as apersonal music. sonar kollektiv seven villas where he returns to here
Seven Villas
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