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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: mariusz kryska
12" Vinyl UK 05.03.18
200 copies - vinyl only - giant records sees in the new year with a killer ep from a bright new producer from poland, by the name of, mariuz kryska, mariuz offers up two peak time grooves here with remix duties falling on, sascha dive and giant head honcho grant dell. the first track up is low jam, which sees the original mix dive into a deep drum lead swing reminiscent of old todd terry beats, that have gone before, all topped off with a spoken word and tight hats and rides. next up is sascha dive - giving low jam a slowed down dubby feel with some sweet dubbed-out stabs that evolves into that deep house sound that sascha has mastered over the years. next cut is no perspective mariuzs original mix is a relentless bass heavy work out which weaves around some slick west coast gangsta rhymes and detroit style strings and pads. grant dells take on no perspective leans on the detroit style pad, from the original and adds some off kilter 808 beats that sit nicely along some smart 303 stabs and the gangsta rhyme which then merges into a slick techno jam with added breakbeats.
Giant Records
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