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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: mario basanov (aka ten walls)
12" Vinyl D 16.04.18
vinyl only ... memento is proud to announce a brand new maxi-single of the extraordinary lithuanian producer mario basanov, better known as ten walls. with this moniker, marijus adomaitis has been releasing a bunch of deep house gems, and has remixed artists such as robert owens and hercules & love affair -swan- begins with a smoky dramatic introduction, that in a rapid glance become a obscure minimalistic dancefloor killer with a grueling bass line and unremitting hi-hats. finally taking off with a gust of monochromatic sequences and a whirl of dampings. in -lake-, after a dense windy evocative prelude, metallic percussion leave the footprint to the headway of a stomping kick drum and a mesmerizing bass line. sedately flowing synthetic notes, filtered bleeps and rapid beads lead the track to a grandiose finale in which whiffle and wafts become an ubiquitous polyphonic pad.
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