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12" Vinyl NL 19.09.19
in 1986, uruguayan vocalist and musician mariana ingold took the advice of a storied uruguayan composer and musicologist and recorded her first album (todo depende) for the now legendary label ayuí/tacuabé. in the early ’80s, the introduction of the synthesizer fostered an experimental new approach to traditional candombe rhythms. ingold’s influence on the scene looms large. pairing elegant vocals and majestic harmonies with complex arrangements, she pushed the montevideo-specific sound — loosely termed candombe fusion — in new directions and thrived working collaboratively with artists including eduardo mateo, jaime roos, and hugo fattoruso. with the assistance of chris j. morris, left ear records has extracted a collection of tracks that encapsulate this period between 1986-1991, lifting from her albums todo depende, cambio de clima, and haace calor. full liner notes translated in english and spanish with archival photos included.
Left Ear Records
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