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2x12" Vinyl D Pre sale
the first solo album of one of the all time finest french jazz pianist on the scene, marc bianco
FHUO Records
20.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.05.19
deep, raw house tracks
in stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.08.18
what do you get when you cross a frenchman, a dane, two irishmen and a swede? the debut various artists compilation from kyoku records, of course. gathering the producers who make up their whole discography thus far, the melbourne-based imprint are welcoming back dorsi plantar, sune, long island sound and ethyene (alongside folamour and marc bianco). translating from japanese to a befitting -dancing birds-, the odoru tori ep is revitalizing the elegant origami series for one last spin. the orizuru, hachidori, oumu and hakucho, that is, the paper crane, the hummingbird, the parrot and the swan are bringing the handmade array to a suitable conclusion. on the a side, the scandinavian connection is responsible for bringing some summer heat. dorsi plantar sheds his usual wistfulness for a slightly moodier, more functional track with -senorita lolita-, although still incorporating some of that playful sampling he s now come to be known for. -californicate- from sune takes a more laidback approach and channels the breezy and carefree atmosphere of the coastal golden state. on the flip side, long island sound follow the same recipe that made -delusions- such a big hit with the intricate sampling and eloquent arrangement of -ease in-. to top things off, ethyene, with the help of folamour and marc bianco, close out the record with a groovy, vocal number that sees them employ their signature french touch formula to great effect on the simply titled -good-.
Kyoku Records
out of stock
11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.04.17
2nd episode of love me some friends with two new guys which gave us their most beautiful experimental work on what moonrise hill love. housy catchy track from side-projecs okwa, saint paul the best bassline ever from marco goldmember bianco big beats, breaks and mushrooms in the same track with g2s shitty jazz orchestra debut to arrhythmic drops with the poulaillerie crew kaffe crème with roomates bernie.
Moonrise Hill Material
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
FHUO 001
12" Vinyl FR 10.02.17
cause nothing can introduce us better than music, here is fhuo s first release fhuo001 - v/a : -l homme ne descend pas du singe mais du bruit-. for this first one, the goddess and her weird creature are glad to welcome such a sample of french talents from jazzmen to tennis player, from barbecue master to yoga teacher, all together under her supervision and sweetness. club atmosphere to winter chillness, these four knights of the apocalypse are bringing you what you need in all situation.
FHUO Records
out of stock
10.49 EUR *

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