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12" Vinyl BE 28.12.20
hypnotic acid madness!
Fuego En Casa
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11.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 28.08.19
live album from spanish electronic band flash zero. limited pressing on fluorescent red vinyl.
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23.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.09.17
always with a dope groove & big basslines, herb lf tunes have always been influential and musically a few steps ahead. herb lf solo or him being part of the projects westpark unit, gush collective, discoshit & more, there are way too much releases to mention in the last two decades. his knowledge & production skills also made him to one of the most sought after mastering engineers. freude am tanzen, frank music, musik krause, quartet series, troubled kids and lots more labels & artists like the xtra-dope final touch in their music, carefully mastered by herb lf in his düsseldorf based nordstadt fm studio. please welcome the -decades ep via farside records. where are the young men? is a huge soulful & epic tune, but also a reminiscence to the early 80s punk/wave era. check the groove & bassline, even with a dosis of boom bap vibe inside for ecstatic moves on your dancefloor. henry l & ingo sänger try a different perspective on the punk/wave attitude of where are the young men? and add a little dosis of funk, disco & detroit techno to the tune. with a demanding groove & organic sounds, this is extra funky & takes you back to the vibes of the freestyle summer of love in 1989. rave on. herb lfs real pong, madrid has a demanding groove with beautiful spacey chords. this is as soulful as it gets and might be your secret weapon on a small basement floor, but should amazingly work on bigger sound systems as well. the tune air is breathing deep, phat & slow. start or finish your night with this ambient monster tune or play it at home. lots of fresh air guaranteed.
in stock
8.08 EUR *
cd D 19.11.13
bet.e & stef wurden in der kanadischen presse oft mit koop, sade oder victor davies verglichen. ein hohes lob, aber angesichts der fülle an guten relaxten songs und platin-status in ihrer heimat ist das pop-jazz-brazil duo durchaus auf dem weg dahin. auf cd1 ihres erstmals in europa erhältlichen albums its all right finden sich alle mit platin-status verkauften hits. cd2 beinhaltet unter anderem top-remixer wie richard dorfmeister, louie vega, nicola conte, nickodemus, king britt, rainer trueby oder andy caldwell.
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13.60 EUR *
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