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12" 05.09.16
for itís 6th release modelmaker welcomes maddermodes who deliver an ep with 4 quality raw and deep techno cuts. this is the first original material from another artist on the label after a series of berkson & what releases and high profile remixers guests such as dana ruh, cesar merveille and franck roger. maddermodes a.k.a. nic ford and andy harper forged their musical relationship in the post-industrial, sound-heavy world of manchester, uk, where their shared vision for their sound is leading them deeper into atmospheric and melodious techno.
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12 Inch 06.06.16
for their tenth release, voodoo down has again chosen to debut a new act to add to their label roster. andy harper and nic ford have been making music together for over a decade but began releasing in earnest under the name maddermodes in 2014 on their own label, shift coordinate points. they have since put out records on the labels millions of moments and night drive music. their handful of releases have already drawn support from top names like move d and nick höppner, and its clear that the duos sound is only getting more refined with each successive record. the ep entitled emprical evidence is a wholly cinematic piece of work, spread across four tracks that unravel slowly, unified by a theme of pumping syncopated rhythms under sprawling pad and string progressions. its easy to get lost in the thick arrangements, and the inventive use of samples and melodic elements invite repeat listening. equally suitable for early morning hours, ultra-deep techno sets, or quiet home listening sessions.
Voodoo Down Records
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12" 180 gramm shrinked 30.11.15
vinyl only. maddermodes with their first ep on night drive music. dark, moody, raw, emotional hybrid between techno and house. 180 gramm vinyl. shrinked.
Night Drive Music
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12" 06.07.15
it is no easy task to blend the cerebral with the soulful - the two tend to stand at opposing corners in the deep house world and producers are often forced to choose one or the other - to mix both is a lofty aim. maddermodes may not have set out with this merger in mind when launching the project - mental space - but the end result is striking in its effortless fusion. released under the artists own label, shift coordinate points, the ep consists of two tracks: mental space and human science. the titles, of course, lead one to assume there will be a strong degree of technicality and complexity behind the songs and indeed there is, what is surprising is the level of personality and moodiness that also exists.
Shift Coordinate Points
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12 Inch 16.02.15
millions of moments goes deep in 2015. magnificent, atmospheric deep house sounds for the dancefloor. a perfect dream.
Millions Of Moments
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