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12" Vinyl D 04.08.11
supported by: richie hawtin, timo maas, gel abril, joris voorn, stacey pullen, butch, kabale und liebe ...
cocoonclub-resident skai and label scenery darling acclaimed for his work on labels like loco dices desolat and off join the circus records family with the release of their mediterranean flavoured ultima tromba ep. the release sets off a new era reviving the label itself in cooperation with darmstadt based club magenta, skais home for his monthly event re:fresh. with a stunning original gaining early support from the likes of alex flatner and mark reeve the ep is backed with three remixes. whilst dragosh serves us with a reduced version of the original in his hailed desolat style, remercs approach finalises with a tech-house bomb in the way his recent productions on labels such as trapez or off jar the dancefloors. label-head mikel closes the package with an accentuated make-over of the original version representing the house heads on this ep.
Circus Records
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