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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: & patrick kunkel feat. harold todd
12" Vinyl D 24.08.09
here comes the freakshows 14th chapter - yeah, yeah, yeah! what you will get with buying this record is an extraordinary kind of culture clash in electronic music. we have the young guns, patrick kunkel and basti grub in the red corner and the blue corner comes up with no other than the legendary dj sneak accompanied by mr. harold >lenny kravitz saxophone god< todd. some might say that the combination of names who contributed their skills and creativity to the production process of this release alone should make any electronic music freak become desperately interested in this record - but - if that aint reason enough to at least give it a try, you will find 3 timeless state of the art house tracks on intl. freakshows 14th vinyl release, from which each one has its unique, carefully crafted structure and arrangement. all of them manage to develop a superb uplifting energy, ideal for the upcoming hot summer nights and the daytime partys, too! additionally, as an if-14 - digital only released track - you will get an absolutely stunning and exclusive dj sneak instrumental mix, which we think must be described as an epic, typical sneak-like, massive groovin housemusic bomb, a must!
International Freakshow
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