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12" NL 26.06.20
luminér go deep on their next artreform release, silat beksi joins in with a wonderful remix. this ones vinyl only.
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10.91 EUR *
12" UK 03.04.18
torino label we play the music we love has already made a strong start with some immersive turns by trevor deep jr and rills, and now they provide a platform for italian duo luminer. -indaco- is a charged up dub techno excursion with crisp percussion to propel the classic chord shimmer that course through the centre of the track. -canadian- takes a deeper direction with a crafty tapestry of synth flares and a more understated rhythm section. hiver s reconstruction of -indaco- opts for a crooked electro foundation, nimble acid line and a shapeless swell of pad tones as the key ingredients, and then icelandic techno champ thor whips up a sharp-strutting dub techno variation of -canadian- that sits comfortably with the luminer tracks.
We Play The Music We Love
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12" NL 20.10.17
Moral Fiber LTD
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9.15 EUR *
12" 11.08.16
Left Wing Recordings
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9.74 EUR *
12" 06.10.15
andrea martello and giulio spagnuolo are known in their homeland as producers who are passionate about learning the intricate of house and techno sound. their releases are kept, with a minimum of melodic aspects, but sound definitely good and accurate. luminér doesn t deviate from that principles with their three new tracks for artreform. orbita , calendula (the titles refer us to slavic languages) and pressant is a meditative dry deep techno which, however, works well on the dancefloors. support from: adriatique, slam, broxgaard, noah pred, 2000 and one, luciano esse, satoshi fumi, alessio mereu, vince watson, simon garcia samuel l session and many more!
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8.28 EUR *
12" FR 10.11.20
die a seite ist eine 15 minütige trippy erfahrung. auf der b seite finden wir das in turin ansässige duo luminér und den ukrainer peshka mit 2 klassischen deepen-und minimalen tracks.
in stock
12.27 EUR *
12" 19.05.17
we proudly present our second vinyl only release ! mountains vol. 1 comes from two well known producers from the underground scene : dhaze and duky . dhaze s track is remixed by the berliner artist sierra sam while duky s track is remixed by the luminer duo
Cervidae Recordings
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9.74 EUR *
12" 12.05.14
with bunte kiste the german label jeahmon! records starts a new series. this colored box introduces new artists as well as some old buddys. we say welcome to adam stacks and luminer - two very talented new acts (keep their names in mind)!
Jeahmon! Records
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8.18 EUR *
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