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12" Vinyl lp UK 20.11.19
debuetalbum der in austin ansässigen electro-pop-kuenstlerin franzoesischer abstammung, lou rebecca. ihr songwriting und ihre performance bestechen durch franzoesische sensitivitaet, während sie auf eine sehr charmante art und weise von englischer zu französischer sprache (und zurück) wechselt. geschrieben und aufgenommen hat lou die 10 songs mit ihrem holodeck-labelmate josh mills (aka missions).
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12" Vinyl UK 25.09.18
austin based pop artist lou rebecca makes a captivating debut with her stellar self-titled ep. born and raised in paris, louís music is delicately delivered in both english and her native french with a natural grace and unmistakable charm. louís approach to songwriting and performance is riveting from start to finish and has been a huge presence in the dense local synth scene for several years. now her unique brand of electronic pop has officially arrived, polished and teeming with personality. the vinyl ep included a download code.
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coloured 12" Vinyl US 13.05.19
cryovac recordings is a collection of artists with a personal style that bleeds through their work. cryovac artists have a relentless energy and passion for the music called techno. they are warriors with a clear vision and discipline on a course that is their own. the cryovac crew believes in the vinyl record and has always been drawn to its unique quality it gives to sound. this e.p. celebrates the record shop, a crossroads of ideas and inspiration, where connections are made solid in the unity of the underground. rebecca goldberg twists the 303 around a relentless 4/4 groove that evolves tweaks and pops into a sonic neurosis. her yin yang approach applies a smooth steady delivery moving parallel to a raucous funk. the collaborative effort of andy garcia and mike kretsch produced a techno with moody rises and falls, stark kicks, and eerie effects held together with heroic energy. toms and knocks, digital barks and farts, random clicks and ticks all fall into a galloping composition.
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2x12" Vinyl lp BE 11.10.12
sixteen indie-dance tracks including amongst others friends, citizens!, peter & the magician, moonlight matters, rufus.. as well as a world exclusive premier remix of sun, two door cinema clubs second single, by kitsunes founder himself, gildas loaec!
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cd D 20.10.17
in seiner fast 25-jährigen karriere hat paul fast alles erreicht, was man in der internationalen dance-welt erreichen kann: mehrfach wurde er von den dj mag-lesern zum no.1 weltbesten dj gewählt, 2014 sogar zur no.1 aller zeiten. sein klassiker -for an angel- (1994) zählt für das mixmag zu den 10 besten dance-tracks aller zeiten. weltstars wie madonna, u2, depeche mode, new order oder rammstein nehmen seine remixkünste in anspruch. paul spielt jährlich über 150 shows, mit 1.5 millionen gästen gelang ihm silvester 2008 in rio de janeiro ein neuer publikumsrekord. und seine wöchentliche radioshow -vonyc sessions- feierte im mai 2016 ihre 500. folge und gehört mit einer durchschnittlichen downloadrate von 250.000 zu den 10 beliebtesten dance-formaten auf mixcloud. nun liegt pauls neue cd -from then on- mit 14 exzellenten tracks und zahlreichen kollabos vor. darauf befinden sich u.a. die 3 bisherigen single-auskopplungen -everyone needs love- (beatport trance #2), -touched by heaven- (beatport trance #3) und der jüngste smash -stronger together- (beatport trance #1). damit wird die umfangreiche paul van dyk alben-diskografie, die mit album #7 -the politics of dancing 3- im frühjahr 2015 ihren bisherigen höhepunkt erreichte, mit dem achten werk endlich fortgesetzt.
Vandit Records
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2cd NL 06.06.14
armada präsentiert die trance-hits der saison. 46 top-tunes von den spitzenvertretern des genres. brandneue clubstürmer und nagelneue remixes. mit armin van buuren, paul van dyk, dash berlin, paul oakenfold, giuseppe ottaviani, alex m.o.r.p.h., richard durand, u.v.a.
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cd NL 29.04.11
new tradition is the debut album of alexis tyrel also known as gideon. his album is full of big and small anthem tracks which are highly melodic and full of original sounds and yet great for a broad variety of dancefloors. every track has been produced as if it was a single in its genre, so do not expect any lose ends. with this 40th release on the lessismore label alexis tyrel gives another interpretation of what less is more is, as the label has displayed in its releases so far. new tradition can therefore be seen as the starting point of a new direction already announced by lessismore. this album is a melodic roller coaster taking you all over the place with deep and housy grooves, tribally beats, chordish minimalistic detroit, funky techno, deep progressive and lovely melodies. the arrangements are classic and give a timeless feel to this unique debut albumthe album will be released on cd and vinyl. both the vinyl and digital release will contain remixes by gui boratto, heiko laux, estroe, gideon, ferreck dawn and mbc. early plays by:luciano, steve bug, laurent garnier, heiko laux, estroe, mark henning, luigi madonna..
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cd D 08.06.10
as one of the most prolific producers phonique released his debut-album identification on dessous followed by good idea as well as countless acclaimed 12es on labels like poker flat, dessous (including the hits the red dress and for the time being), crosstown rebels, brique rouge, global underground, renaissance, fine, mood music, simple, systematic and tiefschwarz label souvenir. hes also a much demanded remixer and worked for thugfucker, erlend Øye, detroit grand pubahs, manuel tur & dplay, zoot woman, kevin yost, will saul and many more
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15.99 EUR *
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