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12" Vinyl lp BE 08.12.17
an incredible album from lo borges one of the best singer/songwriters on the brazilian scene of the 70s! borges first burst into the spotlight for his work on the club da esquina album by milton nascimento and his work as part of miltons corner club really helped shape the style of the more famous singer. yet borges is almost an equally great talent on his own with a soaring, soulful approach that’s every bit as great as the best nascimento material from the period and recorded in a wonderfully similar spirit! the sound here is completely sublime right from the start music that moves us, even if we can t understand the language of the lyrics like some of the best work by caetano veloso and gilberto gil. there’s maybe a bit more guitar than on some of the milton nascimento work of the period but used in a fuzzy way that slides in nicely with some of the jazzy phrasing of the instrumentation which is delivered with help from key contemporaries who include beto guedes, nelson angelo, toninho horta, and tenorio jr. the songwriting is amazing and titles include cancao postal, voce fica melhor assim, nao foi nada, calibre, faca seu jogo, toda essa agua,pensa voce, como o machando, and aos baroes.
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2x12" Vinyl lp BE 04.05.17
double 180 gram vinyl in gatefold cover.
a landmark album - and one that milton cut with his -corner club-, an elite group of musicians and songwriters from the early days of his career - including greats like lo borges and wagner tiso.
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74.99 EUR *

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