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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: lightbluemover vs. black light smoke
12" Vinyl US 16.01.13
the dynamic duo of lightbluemover (aka francis harris) and black light smoke are back, releasing a split ep on their home base, scissor and thread. “no cliché / poppa’s bag” follows two strong collaborations the pair released on hfn and poker flat, with the former yielding the dj secret weapon “girn,” and the latter making big noise with “idiot fare.” this latest ep includes the label debut of former beirut member jason poranski whose punchy and irreverent vocal on lightbluemover’s “no cliché” has been a flash point in harris’ sets the world over for the past year. on the flip we get two versions of “poppa’s bag,” from black light smoke which has similarly been featured in his hotly tipped live set. label mate anthony collins adds a dj friendly edit to “no cliché” which is exclusive to the digital edition of the ep
Scissor & Thread
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl D 27.09.11
taken from their forthcoming debut album, the spellbinding >alive in us<, darkness falls announces their next single, the melancholic and mysterious >the void<. featuring the heartwarming tones of lead singer josephine philip, who co-writes with band partner ina lindgreen, the whole album was produced by leading danish composer and recording artist anders trentemøller. as we look forward to the albums release, the catchy, up-beat yet mysterious charm of >the void< confirms that the groups stand-out sound is set for big things. to be split between both 12 inch and 7 inch, theres a whole host of special remixes to whet our appetites for the long-player, which will be released later this year. remixes come from trentemøller himself, alongside clueless, lightbluemover vs. black light smoker, and terje bakke.
HFN Music
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8.39 EUR *

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