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12" Vinyl UK 24.07.18
harlem s legendary disco label queen constance has long been a cult favourite among fans of underground dance music for decades. one of many labels operating under the equally legendary p&p family of imprints queen constance was operated by one peter brown, a truly colossal figure in nyc s music scene, it s catalogue still fascinates music lovers to this day. covering a wide range of styles including gospel, early rap and disco the label s output continually finds it way into the playlists of respected dj s and selectors across the globe. licky & the dream lovers massive afro-disco groove african rock is the next in a fully licensed series of queen constance rarities to be repressed. licky seems to be yet another studio group put together by peter brown in order to explore different sounds and styles. this raucous piece of uptempo, blazing disco really does the business in the dance, a truly immense club record, which is not surprising considering brown is at the helm. ridiculous funk on this one. across 2 sides we are treated to 2 slightly different versions of the cut, both equally as good, you could literally put the needle on the record, let it spin and watch it do damage. this one is an essential, a truly sought after record that commands extremely high prices on the used market when it shows up, but rarity aside, it is an absolute bomb and deserves to be in any self-respecting disco jocks bag of tricks. this is a 100% legit reissue, made in conjunction with above board distribution and the demon music group, lovingly remastered with love by optimum mastering, bristol uk.
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