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12" Vinyl D 02.04.20
lessi s. is one of those artists who releases music few and far between. thats why its always a pleasure to release a record from him. for the a side lessi teams up with paolo rocco for a clubby number complimented by a pijynman after-hour style remix. lessis b side has 2 stripped back minimalistic grooves that carry a house music bump and swing. with vocal chops fluttering in and out of each track, this ep defines itself as a well rounded underground record.
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12" Vinyl ( / ) D 06.02.18
this past year breakout artist lessi s. has had his name on records for taverna, berg audio with an east end dubs remix, brawthers courtesy of balance and more. for his first solo ep he features an a-side filled with his trademark minimal inspired house sound, complimented by a corky nick beringer remix and dance floor hitting colab with paolo rocco for the flip side. as a long time resident of the rawmoments event series lessi s. is living up to his expectations.
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9.74 EUR *

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