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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: les maxels
12" Vinyl FR 26.06.18
atangana records’s back with its second release, once again a long-awaited reissue, once again digging into the caribbean music with a classic track from les maxel’s (from guadeloupe), “le retour de toto”. as usual, the remastered tune comes with a remix and a b2 “just” coming with the remixer’s add parts. originally out in 1976, “le retour de toto” on disques debs international is a brilliant dancefloor killer, magnifying the cross-world between zouk and latino music, biguine and calypso. you can hear from the prominent hi-hat all the energy of the dance moves you could improvise on that kind of joint. with a lot of break, wonderful horns and backing vocals, “le retour de toto” will enjoy all the summer dancefloor and airwaves for some time
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