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12" Vinyl D 09.12.16
stuttgart based new producer leif muellers debut release on mule musiq. his best friend konstantin sibold brought these fantastic music to us. fantastique on a side is chicago house oriented modern german house, holidays everywhere on b1 is hypnotic tech house which reminds us the production of roman flügel. leguan on b2 is excellent collaboration with konstantin sibold.
Mule Musiq 208
Mule Musiq
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12" Vinyl D 20.05.15
you gotta jump on this tune. there is no denying the driving bass line that drags your body into the sound. being the moving power, this solid bass-plate gets built up and down by bright highlights and jumping tunes. a little fatalistic roaring, some swirl here and there, yet every sound feels right where it should be. it is a playful but not at all naïve conglomerate of home made, easy going techno sounds, reminding you a little of back then, but first and foremost letting you groove right now! easily, yet resolutely, you get carried away by the catchy beat that is pushing forward both tracks *stata* and *monday* on the first relax 2000 release in 2015. a perfect restart to just relax and enjoy some fresh, real good techno tune!
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cd D 09.09.14
time is running…and it seems like we just woke up out of our interstellar sleep-mode as we are facing the arrival of the 14th edition of the almighty cocoon recordings compilation.

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Vinyl (EUR 53.99)
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