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12" UK 08.08.16
some more uncut diamonds by s4aw... robert nedelcu aka lecsicu from rural romania is only 26 but already a skillful and dedicated producer of oldschool-flavoured house music with a tek-edge. on top we ve got vocals by berinika van wyk a singer born in south africa. robert was inspired by guys like rick wade, mr. g, kerri chandler, and of course moodyman. his trademark are strong percussions, little harmonies every now and then and a “tracky” atmo to his tunes that sound very chicago-ish. all three original tunes are pure, vintage-style house music a little on the tech side. so this clearly is an ep for the dancefloor and for early morning sessions when the sun s coming up again... “route to 95” received a groundbreaking rework by detroit house music veteran gari romalis. with incredibly deep subbass sequencies he makes this tune a deep jam like you never heard one befor
Smile For A While
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