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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: layton giordani feat. danny tenaglia
12" Vinyl UK 12.01.18
adam beyers drumcode is growing from strength to strength. year after year. with a non-stop release schedule showcasing both the labels new and most established artists with cutting edge techno beats. after 20 years since its inception. drumcode continues to push the boundaries. firmly grounding their position as the worlds no.1 techno label. drumcodes youngest rising star. layton giordani. exploded on to the scene after his debut album >where it begins< back in february. after scoring some of the biggest festivals in europe this summer. he now returns with an exciting collab titled live again. ny born and bred. danny tenaglia has always been a true inspiration for layton since his teenage years. so when the opportunity to collaborate with the fellow ny legend was on the cards. it was a dream come true. danny and layton join forces for the lead track live again . its deep and dark with a slowly building pad wrapping around a modulating synthetic hook. the dark and effected vocal echo takes the track into a hypnotic vibe. ‘take it back delivers a pumping drive the moment it fires up. snapping percussive force and an infectious rhythmic groove will unhinge dance floors nationwide. whilst secrets of vibration has a rattling. yet blistering low end presence to it. the new yorkers unite on this energetic and exciting collab
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