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12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
phreaky jackin acid house madness
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 20.05.09
ny/la boy/girl icecream/rockstar force, heartsrevolution are back with new remixes of a very very favorite from 07. this tune is still infectious, with a lot of life left. its dancey and just a little punk rock. this includes the original mix alongside commissioned work from french electro-craftsman brodinski, miami-based party rocker lazaro casanova, montreal remixer cfcf, chicago duo flosstradamus and lauren flax, one of nys busiest dj/producer
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12" Vinyl US 11.07.08
debut ep on franki chans iheartcomix for mysterious frenchie. some super dirty, super distorted techno that d mix well with justice or daft punk.
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2x cd UK 27.01.12
as the european summer draws to an end, the ibiza season winds down and the mediterranean breathes a moment of relaxation, our journey around the worlds most iconic beach clubbing destinations heads for the southern hemisphere and continues with an intoxicating mix of deep, oceanic grooves, tribal beats and sun-drenched melodies: house music for a decidedly exotic clubbing escape.
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2x cd UK 24.11.11
one of the most referenced producers of the last year and one of the most influential producers on the scene: mk aka marc kinchen presents a sublime collection of his work, much of which has been previously unavailable digitally, on this latest volume in the house masters series. during the halcyon period of house music in the early 90s, marc kinchen became one of the genres most respected producers and in-demand remixers. starting out at an incredibly young age in detroit as a protégé of techno god kevin saunderson before later moving to new york, he fast became a prolific figure in the dance music community. here twenty of his most influential of recordings are collected and made available completely unedited, unmixed and dj friendly for the very first time. this package includes 9 tracks that have never been made available digitally.
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11.99 EUR *
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