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12" US 16.07.20
needs member lars bartkuhn digs into his extensive archives for this one. 1per customer
NE 021
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" FR 06.02.20
high quality deep house
Visions Recordings
out of stock
11.20 EUR *
12" FR 27.04.18
neroli s 2018 starts with this epic ep by trinidadian deep. from claussel s fave native palo to the relentless and hypnotic the people to the magic collaboration with lars bartkuhn the parish this ep keeps giving!
Last Copy!
10.99 EUR *
12" 14.12.17
remastered 2017 version of the 2002 thump mix with a new version on the flip, played with band and the addition of live instruments.. the legendary german house label needs (not wants) returns after a long hiatus with a new release on the exclusive gold edition that is set up for revisiting their own classics to upgrade them with brand new versions and re-interpretations. walkin thru circles - originally produced by lars & marek bartkuhn - has always been a favourite for many of their fans. the original thump mix is a constantly building mover that is based on a massive beat, hypnotic soundscapes and highly energetic chord hooks, ready for taking off to outer space. for the full expansion lars has gone back to the studio to recompose and re-record the whole thing over again, combining the skills of some excellent session musicians with lots of live instruments, drum & percussion and vocals all played and sung by the producer himself. the result is a complex, epic and fearless jazzfunk odyssey, both musically expansive and heavily grooving at the same time.
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
the passage ep brings together two of the chief champions of far reaching sounds in aybee, and lars bartkuhn. bartkuhn best known for his work with his iconic (needs) imprint, and aybee for his boundary pushing ethos at (deepblak). a project spawned of mutual love, and respect the two met at an impromptu jam performance at the xjazz fest where the seeds were planted for further collaboration. committed to stretching out beyond tight parameters they sought to capture the spirit of the dance. as the astral walkers- they set out to combine the fearless freedom of the jazzfunk era with the endless possibilities within electronic music
DBR V031
Deepblak US
out of stock
10.03 EUR *
12" FR 07.06.17
needs legendary lars bartkuhn is back on neroli with one of his most epic productions so far: elysium . an emotional journey of the highest caliber!
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10.03 EUR *
12" UK 08.05.17
multi instrumentalist and deep house master lars bartkuhn returns to utopia records following his nomad ep in april with a 10 minute masterpiece, an ode to the massai . an epic journey of such depth and positive spirit it perhaps deserves to render a genre all to itself. with its musicality, complex arrangement and phrasing massai is a timeless and personal statement from bartkuhn as he seeks the essence in what dance music can and possibly should be. as a young child growing up in frankfurt, bartkuhn penned his first pieces of music with a synthesizer and sequencer, bought for him by his parents upon realising their son s obsession with music. mastering the guitar as a teenager bartkuhn fell deeply in love with the music of pat metheny, keith jarrett and john coltrane and styles such as soul, funk, brasilian sounds, minimal, dance, and others which is heard in his music today. by the mid 90 s bartkuhn began to explore the deep and soulful side of house music and formed lamaya productions and the now legendary record label needs (not wants) together with his older brother marek bartkuhn and dj yannick. needs rapidly became a synonym for soulful, high quality music and while labeled a house music imprint it was lars input that lead the trio to explore alternative, and at the time unorthodox, musical influences that allowed for original textures and arrangements to be included in their productions. countless remix commissions followed and their sound travelled worldwide with works for francois kevorkian, jazztronik, ennio morricone, atjazz to name a few. to date bartkuhn has produced five solo albums all of which demonstrate a never ending creative flow of ideas and artistic diversity, complexity and passion. after some years away from the dance music scene, residing in brasil, lars decided to continue this journey on volcov s neroli records, followed by a 12- for alex bradley s phonica affiliated utopia records. the latter release, nomad has found its way into the sets of the likes of jeremy underground paris, hunee, antal, ron trent, rainer truby, bicep and mcde to name just a few. it s at this point that bartkuhn gives us massai...his self proclaimed finest work
Utopia Records
out of stock
11.65 EUR *
12" UK 07.03.17
ltd 2017 repress
following on from his return to dance orientated music on neroli records with the lush and endearing music for the golden age , multi album artist lars bartkuhn (sonar collective & needs) brings contrasting sides of his musical character for alex bradley s burgeoning utopia records, touching on detroit, jazz fusion and ambient. tokyo burning is a youthful and stripped back electronic club track harking back to the detroit house heyday of galaxy to galaxy and happy records but with a modernist approach and bartkuhn s unique musicality for what has all the hallmarks of a peak-time club classic. in contrast title track nomad brings the full spectrum of bartkuhn s musical range with a more organic and rhythmic dance composition. a fusion of afro percussion, his own emotive vocal hook, melodic keys, joyful flute playing, bound together with the guitar playing that has had many compare bartkuhn to the likes of jazz master pat metheny. the track builds into a breakdown that is perhaps best described by anthony nicholson as, a combination of truth, inspiration and cosmic energy . rounding out the ep a gentle acoustic reprise, a deeper introspective piece for ambient music lovers.
Utopia Records
out of stock
12.66 EUR *
12" FR 18.12.15
we are extremely excited about this new release, wich sets the return of lars bartkuhn to dance oriented projects. the needs label founder and author of some many classics like * world*, * walking through circles* under his passion dance orchestra or masterpieces like ‘midnight ceremony’ with his brother marek as bobjazz, joins neroli with a lush and joyful ep aptly titled * music for the golden age*. lars here offers the musical and deeply evocative journey golden age in two versions that have great long building qualities and the subtle groovy ‘daybreak contemplation’. lars is equally experienced in the production/programming field as in being a bandleader and composer. the exquisite trademark balance between the organic and more driving electronic elements is evident throughout the whole ep and delivers a breathtaking and delicate musical insight into lars artistically unique language. a perfect addition to nerolis catalogue.
out of stock
9.54 EUR *
12" 05.02.09
this the 3rd installment of the 12inch series based on misunderstandings selected by jazzanovas alex barck and named after his monthly night at weekend club in berlin, is surely the hottest yet. arto mwambe has worked his remix magic on roland appel and lars bartkuhn making this a must have maxi single.
Sonar Kollektiv
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" 28.03.08
sonar kollektiv is proud to present you dimensions (sk171), the new house masterpiece of lars bartkuhn. marcus worgull (of innervisions fame) remix on the flip
Sonar Kollektiv
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" UK 05.06.18
decks tipp!
following up from last years ep on pleasure unit the folks from miskotom deliver a lovely 5 tracker for our other imprint pleasure wave following on from g marie and jonny .,the guys(guy and girl) carry on in much the same vein but drop gears ever so slightly for some more sun drenched tropical sounds. the opener hyena s laugh could be wally and larry jamming with the locals on kong island. senoi takes you on the back of a pick up truck and transports you from the coastal town and out onto the dusty tracks and into the night for a ride through the jungle and onto the other side. 10th day is all about cocktails by the infinity pool in the secret resort and soaking up that late afternoon sun. kuai can che is all twilight era maze tougher drums and chimes with those floaty synths. seeing us out is final cut kopiek lying back on the boat as you leave the island and it all becomes a tiny dot on the horizon...float on.. file under tropical, balearic, beach sounds.
PW 03
Pleasure Wave
in stock
11.69 EUR *
2x12" lp UK 11.08.16
the label music for dreams is a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colors. it is an exciting aural journey from danish label boss, dj, event maker, radio host, producer and founder kenneth bagers feeling for all things good as manifested in the diverse offsprings of the music for dreams label. the label has since its day of birth sold over 2 million albums and its artists have been featured on more than 1000 different compilations worldwide.
kenneth bager is one of the most prominent curators of balearic and chill out music. this double vinyl /double cd /digital release is the fourth in the series “the sunset sessions” and is full of exclusive tracks including ambala, laid back, hong kong syndikat, tuccinelli, nick mackrory & harry collier, islandman, rev thorn, lars bartkuhn & christer nahrendorf ... among many others, the album has been designed for connoisseurs of balearic sounds.
Music For Dreams
out of stock
17.54 EUR *
SK 200 (CD)
cd 20.05.11
compiled by jazzanova / feat. soulphiction, christian prommers drum lesson, paul bryan, the black seeds, thief, roland appel, quasimode, two banks of four, lars bartkuhn (needs), benny sings, recloose, and others
Sonar Kollektiv
Last Copy!
16.56 EUR *
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