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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: larry heard presents mr. white
12" Vinyl US 02.06.16
2018 repress! larry heard returns with a fantastic new 12inch introducing gifted memphis based vocalist mr. white (aka chad white). you rock me is a soulful affair, created to be timeless, while >the sun can t compare< is a fun play with vocals over a typic acid track this can be played in many settings
Alleviated Records & Music
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.09.17
alleviated records is proud to present another edition of the larry heard presents mr. white sessions. these 2 selections, produced and mixed by larry heard somehow both evolved into otherworldly future-house concepts as they took shape. first up, virtual emotion (main & dub versions) features mr. white vocals over an electro-funk flavored percolating deep-house track. then supernova (main & dub versions) features mr. white vocals taking us to a darker, almost tech-rocky mood off-world adventure. the two very different flavors should make this 12 one that can be played in many settings!! as always with alleviated records releases, created to be timeless so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. this special vinyl 12 will be another great addition to any collection! enjoy! and thanks for your continued support!!
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 15.04.09
this vinyl sampler is the 2nd of 4 and includes the classics >the sun cant compare< by lary heard, >i wont hurt you< by qx-1 and >meditation will manifest< by winks.
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7.99 EUR *
2cd UK 08.03.12
george evelyn aka dj e.a.s.e/nightmares on wax has long been a member of the warp records family. his music was some of the first released on the highly regarded, pioneering electronic label home to artists such as lfo, jamie lidell, autechre and aphex twin. back in 1988 he released his debut album on warp and has built up a massive global following of loyal fans and connoisseurs of good music alike. after releasing his fifth studio album e.a.s.e. in 2007, george fulfilled his lifelong dream of starting a record label and wax on records was born. in tandem to recording further solo material he has built a brand around his own label with artists such as marcel, guts, negghead, gelka, hungryghost, the deadbeats and the planty herbs recording for the imprint
Ministry Of Sound
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18.79 EUR *
3xcd BE 13.05.09
2009 means the celebration of their 15th anniversary, and of course such a celebration is impossible without the release of a compilation. a triple-cd, including full length versions of tracks by e-dancer, octave one, adam beyer, audion, anthony rother, plastikman, ricardo villalobos, robert hood, m83 and many many more. the ultimate techno classics compilation, incl full length versions from e-dancer, octave one, adam beyer, audion, anthony rother, plastikman, ricardo villalobos, robert hood, m83 and many many more
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
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