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12" Vinyl D 15.08.18
lab personnel is a very intriguing collaboration between a number of producers hailing from croatia. members include zarkoff (member of sumerian fleet), neon lies, ikonal many more (total eight members). the tracks were recorded during synth lab 4 improvisational sessions in pisak in 2017. the album is a dense and stormy affair overall with mesmerizing and dark synths. the styles presented drift between genres including acid techno, electro, ebm, and other hybrids. all instrumental, the lp is a brooding journey into diverse techno soundscapes with eight strong tracks that will not disappoint.
Medical Records
in stock
25.99 EUR *
1.15 EP
12" Vinyl D 21.04.08
supported by: miss kittin, dj hell, gabriel ananda , butch.... afu limited sub-label called afulab/afu laboratory !! the first release on afulab is hitting like a bomb with the more than well known kiko from france ! after his releases on datapunk, turbo, pias, gigolo, good life, confused and his own hot banana, he starts the new label with a big bang ! three fatt dancefloor burners that only he could deliver in his own unique style !
AFU Laboratory
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7.59 EUR *

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