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7" Vinyl US 07.05.18
a chance encounter in barcelona, spain brought us together to make this record happen. itís a precious little marvel of love from kou keri kou and electric cowbell. based in barcelona, spain, the group began with the aim of making music to dance to, taking inspiration from all over the world with no fear: the music from cuba, perú, jamaica, congo and nigeria is as important for kou keri kou as the music played in europe or in the united states. los zafiros, gary numan, los destellos, radio futura, sunny ade and kiko veneno share place in their imagination and help them create open-minded pop that always looks to the future. their lyrics are sometimes open, sometimes a bit more cryptic, sometimes political and sometimes biting, but always try to communicate with the listeners while trying to make them dance. theyíve been playing together for two years, creating songs that didnít exist before, urging the people to dance and singing about their issues, which may also be yours.
Electric Cowbell
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FUNKYMIX 152 (2X12)
2x12" Vinyl US 28.11.11
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31.99 EUR *
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