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2x12" Vinyl D 11.06.19
glasgow raised / berlin based audiovisual artist tom scholefield aka konx-om-pax with his 3rd album for planet mu.
Planet Mu
A2: Säule Acid ft. Silvia Kastel
A3: Paris 5am
B1: I'm For Real ft. Nightwave
B2: Rez
C1: Optimism Over Despair
C2: Earthly Delights
C3: Missing Something
D1: Day Dreams
D2: Magenta One
D3: The Paleontologist
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26.69 EUR *
cd UK 03.08.12
Planet Mu
in stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.11.17
john cohen aka dead fader first arrived on the label in 2016, with it works 1 - a brace of warping, high energy electronic music compositions that while largely unclassifiable in genre, maintain a gloriously vibrant, emotive sensibility that owes much to early idm excursions, and the more abstract tenets of the krautrock genre. that said - the artist cites anything from kanye west to bach and back again as informing the decidedly experimental and potentially confounding work - and his latest offering for the milan based label continues to riff on this open ended mesh of influence to great effect. the original material is buoyed by a formidable remix package, featuring downwards affiliate jk flesh - who turns in a caustic reinterpretation of fyi, roly porter of vexd and tri angle fame, who takes on raw food, and planet mus konx-om-pax, whos reimagining of life cycle closes out proceedings. its an admirable line up, in keeping with the aesthetic concerns of cohens excellent lp - and the chosen artists turn in respectful but wholly personal work - making for an excellent addition to growing parachute discography. parachuterecords.
in stock
8.79 EUR *

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