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12 Inch 27.06.16
hot on the heels of “the reason”, released earlier in april, mimi music continues to impress with the death no more ep from label head komplexx. he teams up with former booker of extrema and present-day photographer peter van hal. the original version of “death no more” defies genre boundaries with ease. fusing old school progressive stylings, well placed percussion, an epic choral vocal with a catchy main hook and a rubbery bass line, komplexx has unleashed a summer anthem for the discerning dance-floor worldwide. the remix comes from well respected german artist marcus sur. a producer in his own right, signed to noir music, trapez, highgrade, four:twenty records and many more, sur created a darker more hypnotic journey focusing on the percussive aspects of the original. and komplexx’s v.i.p. mixx heads off into housey techno waters from the start. deeper, more percussive and driving, the v.i.p. mixx keeps the central melody intact while creating a darker feel. this has mass crossover appeal written all over it.
Mimi Music
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