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12 Inch 29.06.18
the saver flex ep offers up no less than four seriously catchy house jams. blue shoe kicks off the proceedings with some funked up percussion, which immediately shows that kolja s background as a drummer has taught him a thing or two about groove. a looping organ lick, some little shouts in the background, big stabs and a massive kick drum push the track forward. cleverly arranged breakdowns allow for a couple of breathers to keep the party action going throughout. moving on to lax wax , we ease up a little with a lighter beat on top of which filtered piano chords, a live bass and just a touch of guitar set the perfect mood for an organ solo that simply oozes summer vibes. buggel runter rutschen keeps the mood nice and sunny while adding more punch with snappy kicks and snares a hugely danceable foundation for these guys to show us what is so great about 70s and 80s disco and funk that these styles are amongst their biggest influences. you had better ask a german what kagghaufen means, we don t want to put you off your dinner. we hope it will be just as tasty as this track is with its pounding, straight beat, which is counterpointed by bouncy congas, funky vocal cuts, beautiful pads and healthy dose of squelchy acid for good measure. all of this is effortlessly combined to round off the ep in style.
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7 Inch 17.09.20
please welcome microwax - the little sister of rawax! this new 7 inch label is dedicated to all genres of music with one permission - the music must be good! we think, kolja gerstenberg & schiggeria did it very good!
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12 Inch 01.06.17
after his widely appreciated debut ep on s4aw kolja remixed cassius & pharrell williams on ed banger (yup!) and released some original stuff on suol and kakudo.
Smile For A While
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