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12" Vinyl FR 02.03.18
the french duo klash point , who have already enjoyed djs support from the likes of minimal techno scene, hot on the heels of their module records debut with their -persistence e.p.-, is back with four tracks of roughened groove , this new -mono phase e.p.- is likely to attract even more attention. side a ,-mono phase- is just the true definition of a deep techno mood! and -stockholm- rocks around an hypnotic rolling groove that as it perpetually twists and turns. side b ,-kologne- push up you higher with its straight atmospheric synth ... and with textures and tones nodding to both berlin and detroit, once again there s a strong sense of timelessness and versatility to play -dolby-.
Module Records
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 24.02.17
after few releases featuring sübaka with remixes by steve bicknel (uk) and sean deason (usa), module records maked a ten years break. so we are very proud to introduce klash point guys who produced this persistence ep for this labels comeback.they are two french producers who combine fiery energy and the wisdom of experience. like a family affair! all in all, name check these lads out for more future aural excursions. on this 12inch, this is minimal electronic techno at its best, deep and dubby with a solid straight groove. then, we are sure that new ep will not disappointed you, without a doubt!
Module Records
in stock
10.49 EUR *

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