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12" Vinyl full cover D 03.04.14
vinyl only - limited edition 180 gram pressing! >reforming digital waves by simple & elegant music patterns< - a straightforward mission statement for a new imprint, and one whose understated, direct manner shows the music-centered focus of wavereform as we reveal our first release. the >new sky< ep is the production debut of a mysterious new russian talent known as ivanov, and about whom little is known past his reclusive buddhist existence and his background in guitar, which is clearly evident on the title track. underlain by rising and falling atmospheric washes and understated percussion, >new sky< is propelled by a funky, jazzy and clearly organic keyboard solo that closely approximates his familiar stringed instrument in texture, tone, and musical development. next up is minimal legend soulphiction, who masterfully beefs up the original with a fat, growling bassline and more aggressive, hard hitting drums and claps that take the dreamy mood of ivanovs track and transform it into something more cosmic and psychedelic while retaining its musicality. on the flip, a new tune entitled >deep< gets revisited by lucidflow label heads klartraum, who have recently shifted their digital imprint to vinyl. here they bring things towards the dubbier end of the spectrum with a slow-building track that goes from hazy beginnings to an ominous, dramatic breakdown and then into a harder grooving second half. taken together, these three tracks are an auspicious beginning for a new name and label, and in fulfilling the stated goals offer great promise of things to come.
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12" Vinyl D 23.12.13
as label bosses of lucidflow and klartraum themselves, nadja lind and helmut ebritsch are afforded the luxury of dictating their music vision as they wish. this culminated in last years secret moon, the second studio album of the pairing, focussing on their fluid dub laden house grooves
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9.06 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.10.13
the remix package kicks off with a reworking from alexi delano who has recorded for poker flat, harthouse. items and things, plus 8 amongst others who takes the title track secret moon in a deep and spacious house direction with their superb mix that works from the off. l.a. artist david alvarado steps up next on kazantrip and drops a driving slice of brooding techno that is perfect warehouse material. last, and no means least, is the rather legendary d. digglers live dub interpretation. the urgent low end tribal nature provides a solid backdrop for the fluid elements of the original to drift over. this wax edition release is a rich & complex package of mixes with real depth and is another stellar single from the ever­impressive klartraum and certainly worth to be pressed on lucid vinyl.
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8.28 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.06.13
supported by seth troxler, maceo plex, hernan cattaneo, laurent garnier, jay pearce, slam, funk d void, kris wadsworth, agnes, milton jackson, kiki, the timewriter, joachim spieth, m a n i k, peter kruder, silicone soul, mihalis safras, john digweed, john selway, dubfire, gregor tresher, karotte, gabriel ananda, stephan bodzin, guy j, sian among many others.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 21.06.12
inspired by the wise words: the moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. - osho nansen: the point of departure chapter 8.
playfulness, sees the talented german duo in fine form, turning in a slice of skipping house that welds organic percussion to a heavily electronic groove that slowly unfurls into a warm, synth-led number that owes as much to chicago as it does to european micro-house. combining fat melodic sub bass grooves, alongside intelligent layers and synch patterns, creating the perfect dance floor journey for the music purist.
Underbelly Records
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8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.05.11
expect me tells the story of the tough life as an outsider, how lonely he felt as a kid, how he grew up and managed his life against all odds and developed his uniqueness. the tracks mirrors the up and down feelings of despair on the one hand and confidence & trust on the other hand. driving deep into the subconscious, the music of klartraum (soma records, lucidflow) envelopes and surrounds its listeners creating a world in which just like a dream, things are never as they seem. nadja lind and helmut ebritsch (hatikvah) as a studio double duo and burgeoning live act they are bringing an entirely unique edge to their performance and output by taking their flowing techno to a deeper, spiritual level. monty luke from planet e create an atmospheric and emotional remix, oriented on deep happenings and narrowed grooves. detroit influenced and very unique…. a resonant story full of sentiments. einklang freier frequenzens remix comes around with massive chords and deep sub frequency, introducing analogue filtersystems and synthesizers. hear and feel the life of the machinery. listen and feel good!
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12" Vinyl UK 11.08.14
Wolf Trap
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9.70 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.11.11
the original mix of >amygdala< by joe joyce offers a revival of more traditional techno rhythms, accompanied by oriental percussion and bell like timbres. vocal drones instill a feeling of suspense and darkness, before a release of melodic gamelans calm and soothe your amydalas fight or flight response. enjoy the ride! amygdala is supported by two exceptional remixes from maya jane coles and nadja lind, which take the track to completely different corners.
Underbelly Records
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10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.07.07
from night drive music comes this excellent 4-track-ep. each track has its own charm. moody dancefloor fillers, straight forward and very deep techno-house with misty sounds and feelings. on the flipside you find 2 more producers involved in this project. neurotron and klartraum
Night Drive Music Limited
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6.81 EUR *
cd D 06.06.12
full support by joris voorn, taras van de voorde, secret cinema, gerd, deetron, david alvarado, egbert, petar dundov, warren fellow, steve rachmad.
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cd D 04.05.12
ein jahr nach ihrem erfolgreichen album-erstlingswerk varieté, das wochenlang bei amazon auf platz 1 der techno-charts lancierte und im groove- und partysan-magazin von den lesern in die top10 2011 gevotet wurde, haben aka aka & thalstroem das album von 31 remixern neu interpretieren lassen. neben bekannten artists wie marek hemmann, moonbootica oder turntablerocker oder alten hasen wie technasia und axel bartsch haben auch viele aufstrebende newcomer ihr können unter beweis gestellt. unter anderem sind neuninterpretationen von stereo express, dirty doering, joachim pastor, umami, hanne&lore, rampa und joris delacroix zu hören. so ist schon wie beim original ein stimmiges gesamtpaket entstanden, das auf 3 cds für jede stimmungslage den passenden soundtrack liefert.
Burlesque Musique
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3x cd UK 30.09.11
3x cd - set with huge unreleased daft punk track >> drive << cd1 = soma classics (track 1 - 11) , cd2 = slam dj mix (track 12 - 30), cd3 = silicone soul mix (track 31 - 48)
out of stock
18.51 EUR *

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