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12" Vinyl D 07.06.19
prime time ravisch techno
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12" Vinyl D 25.06.18
three years after presenting an original idea of arranging his own music live by using a standard dj setup and a drum machine, strahil velchev alias kink is ready to premiere the very first ep-outing of his new project entitled kirilik. created with obscure studio equipment and backed by an array of sonics out of his extensive line-up of machinery, kirilik successfully transfers to the record that unique level of levity and immediacy that his live act has already become renowned for. loopy and thus infinite in nature, sometimes seemingly spiraling themselves out of control even, these tracks are as versatile as they are just fun to play around with! fittingly enough, infinity is not a number comes complete with an added bonus of four additional endless loops, edged into the final grooves of each side
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4x12" Vinyl D 21.09.18
4x12inch set, special 15th anniversary edition, with special deluxe 4 gatefold, shrink wrapped incl download card celebrating its 15th anniversary as well as the monolithic catalogue 100, figure releases a gem-packed compilation featuring 15 artists who are shaping the current sound of the label.
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cd D 15.10.18
kink - live improvised outro as we reach the 19th year of cocoons residence on ibiza, the location may have changed from amnesia to pacha, but the enthusiasm for perhaps the most enduring party on the mediterranean island is guaranteed to continue. actually, only the sun, sea and wind are more reliable! the celebrated live sets of bulgarias life wire strahil velchev aka kink have been a vital ingredient for the ecstatic nights over the years. with unprecedented regularity, the man from sofia has been voted best live act by readers of groove magazine for the last three years, and in 2017 he was also crowned best electronic music producer. as kink, together with sven väth, celebrate one of the most popular evenings of this years season as well, what could be more logical than to repurpose the famed cocoon ibiza mix cd series into another live document of the event? no sooner said than done, and so here the bulgarian offers a 70-minute cross-section of his skills. well-known tracks, especially from last years playground lp (running back) meet exclusive, unreleased material in a spontaneous tour de force through the history of electronic dance music. there are distinctive nods to chicago and detroit, jazzy organs spiralling into string-drenched skies
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